Jahrestagung des Vereins für Socialpolitik 2016: Demographischer Wandel

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Session Title No. of documents
A01 Applied Macroeconometrics 3
E01 Applied Microeconomics I 3
F01 Applied Microeconomics II 3
D02 Auctions and Prices 3
E03 Bank Regulation and Credit Channel 3
F03 Banks: Empirical Evidence 3
G03 Banks: Theory and Application 3
B04 Bargaining and Participation Constraints 3
B05 Behavioral Decision Making: Experiments 3
E04 Behavioral Economics 3
D06 Borrowing and Debt 3
A08 Business Cycles: Firms and Banks 3
B08 Business Cycles: International Perspective 3
C08 Business Cycles: Policy and Entrepreneurship 3
D08 Business Cycles: Uncertainty and Bubbles 3
D09 Child Health 3
E02 Collusion and Exclusionary Practices in Oligopoly 3
D21 Compensating Wage Differentials 3
C04 Competition and Tournaments 3
A10 Conflicts over Public Goods 3
F06 Consumer Behavior 3
F04 Cooperation and Solidarity: Empirical Evidence 3
A11 Corporate Governance 3
B11 Corporate Taxes and Firm Behavior 3
F10 Corporate Taxes in the International Perspective 3
D04 Decision-Making under Risk and Ambiguity 3
A12 Demographic Change and Labor Markets 3
B12 Demographic Change and the Macroeconomy I 3
D24 Demographic Change and the Macroeconomy II 3
C12 Demographic Change: Productivity and Social Security 3
C13 Development Economics I 3
D13 Development Economics II 3
B13 Development Economics: Insurance and Networks 3
E13 Development Economics: Nighttime Luminosity 3
A13 Development and Industrial Organization 3
F13 Economic History 3
A04 Economic Theory and Personality 3
B14 Economics of Education I 3
F14 Economics of Education II 3
D12 Empirical Finance I 3
E12 Empirical Finance II 3
D11 Empirical Firm Level Studies 3
A02 Empirical IO 3
B02 Empirical Market Studies 3
C02 Energy Markets 3
A15 Environmental Economics: Consequences and Perceptions 4
B15 Environmental Economics: Policy 3
C15 Environmental Economics: Regulation 3
C16 European Crisis 3
A20 Evaluation of Labor Market Policies 3
A05 Experimental Economics: Agency Problems 3
C05 Experimental Economics: Cheating 2
D05 Experimental Economics: Social Preferences 3
E05 Experimental IO 3
F05 Experiments 3
E06 Fertility and Retirement 3
F12 Financial Frictions 3
A24 Firm Behavior in the Global Economy 3
F15 Firm Behavior: Theory 3
B24 Firm Behavior: Theory and Evidence 3
C24 Firm Investment and Innovation: Empirical Studies 3
F22 Firm Strategy and Production: Theory and Evidence 3
G10 Fiscal Competition 3
E08 Fiscal Policy 3
B01 Forecasting and Information Transmission 3
A16 Forward Guidance and Effectiveness of Monetary Policy 3
E16 Gender 3
B16 Global Financial Markets 3
G09 Growth and Inequality 3
B20 Hartz Reforms and Employment Transitions 3
B09 Health I 4
C09 Health II 3
A09 Health and Gender 3
G07 Heterogenous Firms and the Labor Market 3
G06 Household Balance Sheets 3
D07 Household Labor Supply 3
C14 Human Capital 3
D22 Immigration and Labor Markets 3
E07 Income, Social Security, and Consumption 3
F02 Industrial Policy 3
B06 Inequality 3
A06 Inequality in Germany and Europe 3
C06 Inequality: Theory and Perceptions 3
D16 Inflation 3
A03 Innovation and the Global Economy 3
G13 Institutions 3
F16 International Capital Flows 3
D15 International Climate Policy 3
G16 International Macroeconomics 3
A19 International Trade and Development 3
B19 International Trade and Policy 3
C19 International Trade: Theory 3
C11 Investment 3
D14 Investments into Human Capital: Governments, Parents and Students 3
D17 Invited Session Ausschuss für Bevölkerungsökonomik / Committee on Population Economics 3
F17 Invited Session Ausschuss für Makroökonomik / Committee on Macroeconomics 3
E17 Invited Session Finanzwissenschaftlicher Ausschuss / Committee on Public Economics 3
E20 Labor Economics: Theory 3
F20 Labor Markets and Institutions 4
G19 Labor Markets in Recessions 3
A21 Labor Markets in the International Perspective 3
B21 Labor Markets: Gender Issues 3
D20 Labor and Training 3
C21 Labor: Employment 3
E21 Labor: Public Policy 3
C20 Labor: Sanctions 3
F21 Labor: Wages 3
E14 Law and Economics: Crime, Media 3
A17 Liquidity Traps 3
G20 Long-term Labor Market Effects 3
A18 Macro-Labor 3
F08 Macroeconomic Aspects of Development and Trade 3
B22 Macroeconomic and Regional Aspects of Migration 3
C03 Market Design 3
D03 Market Structure and Firm Strategy in Oligopoly 3
G02 Marriage and Marital Breakdown 3
E09 Mental and Physical Health 3
G01 Microeconometrics 3
A22 Migrant Selection 3
C22 Migration and Fiscal Policy 3
E22 Migration and Political Economy 3
C18 Minimum Wage and Short-Time Work 3
F11 Modern Work Organization and Productivity 3
C17 Monetary Integration 3
B17 Monetary Policy 3
G12 Monetary Policy, Banks, and Mortgage Markets 3
F09 Newborns, Mortality and Longevity 3
D18 Occupational Choice and Job Mobility: Empirical Evidence 3
A23 Organizational Design 3
B23 Organizational Economics: Authority in Organizations 3
C23 Organizational Economics: Wages in the Dynamics of Employment Relations 3
C01 Panel Macroeconometrics 3
E11 Patents 3
G05 Pensions and Labor Market Outcomes 3
G17 Personnel Economics 3
G08 Polarization in the Labor Market 3
D23 Political Processes: Empirical Studies I 3
E23 Political Processes: Empirical Studies II 3
G22 Political Processes: Theory and Evidence 3
G11 Price-Setting Behavior of Firms 3
B10 Public Goods 3
B03 Regulation 3
E15 Renewable Energies and Biodiversity 3
F07 Saving, Wealth and Retirement 2
A14 Schooling and Labor Supply 3
E18 Social Networks and Inequality 3
F23 Social Norms 3
G21 Social Norms and Diffusion of Responsibility 3
C07 Social Security Incentives, Employment, and Retirement 3
G04 Spillover Effects 3
A07 Subjective Well-Being in Uncertain Times: The Role of Working Hours, Income Adjustments, and Financial Crises 3
E10 Tax Responses 3
C10 Taxation and Firm Productivity 3
B18 Technological Change, Versatility, and Macro-Labor Models 3
D10 The Social Aspects of Fiscal Policy 3
D01 Time Series Econometrics 3
G18 Trade Barriers 3
D19 Trade and Employment 3
E19 Trade and Exporters 3
F19 Trade and Institutions 3
G14 Transmission of Monetary Policy 3
F18 Unemployment and School-to-Work Transition 3
E24 Welfare Benefits 3
B07 Well-Being 3
G15 Youth Labor Markets 3
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