NBB Working Papers, National Bank of Belgium

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2024Owner-occupied housing costs, policy communication, and inflation expectationsWauters, Joris; Zekaite, Zivile; Garabedian, Garo
2024Financial portfolio performance of Belgian households: A nonparametric assessmentCherchye, Laurens; de Rock, Bram; Saelens, Dieter
2024What caused the post-pandemic era inflation in Belgium? Replication of the Bernanke-Blanchard model for BelgiumDe Walque, Gregory; Lejeune, Thomas
2024Macroeconomic drivers of inflation expectations and inflation risk premiaBoeckx, Jef; Iania, Leonardo; Wauters, Joris
2023Review essay: The young HayekMaes, Ivo
2023FDI and superstar spillovers: Evidence from firm-to-firm transactionsAmiti, Mary; Duprez, Cédric; Konings, Jozef; Van Reenen, John
2023BEMGIE: Belgian Economy in a Macro General and International Equilibrium modelDe Walque, Gregory; Lejeune, Thomas; Rannenberg, Ansgar; Wouters, Rafael
2023Poor and wealthy hand-to-mouth households in BelgiumCherchye, Laurens; Demuynck, Thomas; de Rock, Bram; Kovaleva, Mariia; Minne, Geoffrey; de Sola Perea, Maite; Vermeulen, Frederic
2023Managerial and financial barriers to the green transitionde Haas, Ralph; Martin, Ralf; Muûls, Mirabelle; Schweiger, Helena
2023Does pricing carbon mitigate climate change? Firm-level evidence from the European Union emissions trading schemeColmer, Jonathan; Martin, Ralf; Muûls, Mirabelle; Wagner, Ulrich J.
2023Debtor (non-) participation in sovereign debt relief: A real option approachCassimon, Danny; Essers, Dennis; Presbitero, Andrea
2023Empirical DSGE model evaluation with interest rate expectations measures and preferences over safe assetsDe Walque, Gregory; Lejeune, Thomas; Rannenberg, Ansgar
2023Alexandre Lamfalussy and the origins of instability in capitalist economiesMaes, Ivo
2023Input varieties and growth: A micro-to-macro analysisBaqaee, David; Burstein, Ariel T.; Duprez, Cédric; Farhi, Emmanuel
2023The Belgian business-to-business transactions dataset 2002-2021Dhyne, Emmanuel; Duprez, Cédric; Komatsu, Toshiaki
2023Endogenous production networks with fixed costsDhyne, Emmanuel; Kikkawa, Ayumu Ken; Kong, Xianglong; Mogstad, Magne; Tintelnot, Felix
2023Measuring the share of imports in final consumptionDhyne, Emmanuel; Kikkawa, Ayumu Ken; Mogstad, Magne; Tintelnot, Felix
2023Review essay: Central banking in ItalyMaes, Ivo
2023Export entry and network interactions evidence from the Belgian production networkDhyne, Emmanuel; Ludwig, Philipp; Vandenbussche, Hylke
2023From the 1931 sterling devaluation to the breakdown of Bretton Woods: Robert Triffin's analysis of international monetary crisesMaes, Ivo; Pasotti, Ilaria
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 446