Working Papers, National Bank of Belgium

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2017 An estimated two-country EA-US model with limited exchange rate pass-throughDe Walque, Gregory; Jeanfils, Philippe; Lejeune, Thomas; Rychalovska, Yuliya; Wouters, Rafael
2017 The impact of service and goods offshoring on employment: Firm-level evidenceOrnaghi, Carmine; Van Beveren, Ilke; Vanormelingen, Stijn
2017 On the estimation of panel fiscal reaction functions: Heterogeneity or fiscal fatigue?Everaert, Gerdie; Jansen, Stijn
2017 Using bank loans as collateral in Europe: The role of liquidity and funding purposesKoulischer, François; Van Roy, Patrick
2017 The IMF and precautionary lending: An empirical evaluation of the selectivity and effectiveness of the flexible credit lineEssers, Dennis; Ide, Stefaan
2017 The impact of the mortgage interest and capital deduction scheme on the Belgian mortgage marketHoebeeck, Annelies; Inghelbrecht, Koen
2017 Nowcasting real economic activity in the euro area: Assessing the impact of qualitative surveysBasselier, Raïsa; de Antonio Liedo, David; Langenus, Geert
2017 The interconnections between services and goods trade at the firm-levelAriu, Andrea; Breinlich, Holger; Corcos, Gregory; Mion, Giordano
2017 Identifying the provisioning policies of Belgian banksArbak, Emrah
2017 Why do manufacturing firms produce services? Evidence for the servitization paradox in BelgiumBlanchard, Pierre; Fuss, Catherine; Mathieu, Claude
2017 Firm heterogeneity and aggregate business services exports: Micro evidence from Belgium, France, Germany and SpainAriu, Andrea; Biewen, Elena; Blank, Sven; Gaulier, Guillaume; González, María Jesus; Meinen, Philipp; Mirza, Daniel; Martín, Cesar; Tello, Patry
2017 Foreign banks as shock absorbers in the financial crisis?Barboni, Giorgia
2017 Pockets of risk in the Belgian mortgage market: Evidence from the Household Finance and Consumption Survey (HFCS)Du Caju, Philip
2017 The employment consequences of SMEs' credit constraints in the wake of the great recessionCornille, David; Rycx, François; Tojerow, Ilan
2016 La Belgique et l'Europe dans la tourmente monétaire des années 1970: Entretiens avec Jacques van YperseleVan Ypersele de Strihou, Jacques; Maes, Ivo; Péters, Sabine
2016 Heterogeneous firms and the micro origins of aggregate fluctuationsMagerman, Glenn; De Bruyne, Karolien; Dhyne, Emmanuel; Van Hove, Jan
2016 Creating associations to substitute banks' direct credit: Evidence from BelgiumBedayo, Mikel
2016 The impact of export promotion on export market entrySchminke, Annette; Van Biesebroeck, Johannes
2016 A dynamic factor model for forecasting house prices in BelgiumEmiris, Marina
2016 The impact of exporting on SME capital structure and debt maturity choicesMaes, Elisabeth; Dewaelheyns, Nico; Fuss, Catherine; Van Hulle, Cynthia
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 328