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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016Predictors of career adaptability skill among higher education students in NigeriaEbenehi, Amos Shaibu; Rashid, Abdullah Mat; Bakar, Ab Rahim
2016Context-driven entrepreneurial education in vocational schoolsSandirasegarane, Sharmila; Sutermaster, Staci; Gill, Alyssa; Volz, Jennifer; Mehta, Khanjan
2016Examining barriers to internationalisation created by diverse systems and structures in vocational education and trainingShaw, Angela Joy; Shaw, Kieron John; Blake, Suzanne
2016Training patterns of German companies in India, China, Japan and the USA: What really works?Pilz, Matthias
2015Formation of Apprenticeships in the Swedish Education System: Different Stakeholder PerspectivesAndersson, Ingela; Wärvik, Gun-Britt; Thång, Per-Olof
2017When work comes first: Young adults in vocational education and training in NorwayTønder, Anna Hagen; Aspøy, Tove Mogstad
2017Why returning to VET? Results of a qualitative comparative study about English and German car mechatronicsGericke, Erika Edith
2017Going back-to-school in vocational education and training: IntroductionCournoyer, Louis; Fournier, Geneviève; Masdonati, Jonas
2017Entrepreneurship education at Indian industrial training institutes: A case study of the prescribed, adopted and enacted curriculum in and around BangaloreZenner, Lea; Kothandaraman, Kumar; Pilz, Matthias
2018The prediction of professional success in apprenticeship: The role of cognitive and non-cognitive abilities, of interests and personalityDiedrich, Jennifer; Neubauer, Aljoscha C.; Ortner, Anna