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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2023Leveling entrepreneurial skills of vocational secondary school students in Indonesia: Impact of demographic characteristicsSusantiningrum, Susantiningrum; Siswandari, Siswandari; Joyoatmojo, Soetarno; Mafruhah, Izza
2023New higher education model? Degree apprenticeships as a strategy to modernize apprenticeships : rationale, current development in the U.S., and a conceptual frameworkVoeller, Jooyoung
2023Scoping review of positive mental health research for students in vocational education and trainingSolberg, Stine; Laundal, Øyvind; Garrels, Veerle
2023Enhancing critical thinking skills and media literacy in initial VET students: A mixed methods study on a cross-country training programTommasi, Francesco; Ceschi, Andrea; Bollarino, Sara; Belotto, Silvia; Genero, Silvia; Sartori, Riccardo
2023From TPACK to N-TPACK framework for vocational education and training with a focus on nutritional science and home economicsTorggler, Carmen; Miesera, Susanne; Nerdel, Claudia
2023Psychological capital and job search: A systematic literature review and agenda for future researchFernández-Valera, María-Magdalena
2023An empirical case of education policy implementation in Serbian VETCaves, Katherine; Oswald-Egg, Maria Esther
2023Effectiveness of collaboration in VET: Measuring skills for solving complex vocational problems with a multidimensional authentic technology-based assessmentPaeßens, Jessica; Ma, Beifang; Winther, Esther
2023Mathematical skills of students with special educational needs in the area of learning (SEN-L) in pre-vocational programs in GermanyLutz, Stephanie; Ebenbeck, Nikola; Gebhardt, Markus
2023How do vocational teachers learn? Formal and informal learning by vocational teachers in KenyaNjenga, Moses