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Title (translated): 
Shale Gas: Between Energy Needs and Environmental Standards
Papatulică, Mariana
Prisecaru, Petre
Ivan, Valentina
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Strategy and Policy Studies (SPOS) 2014,2
Abstract (Translated): 
The general objective of the study is to strengthen the strategic framework, to consolidate policies and to support actions aimed at promoting energy security by exploiting Romania’s potential in terms of unconventional gas resources. The specific objectives aim to facilitate the understanding of exploration and exploitation of shale gas processes in Romania and coordinate opportunities in order to meet the energy demand, the environmental and human health risks, taking into consideration the European and international context. The study provides policy analysis, data and carries comprehensive research by addressing the issue of exploitation of natural gas resources, especially the unconventional shale gas. It takes into consideration several issues such as Romania’s need to increase the security of gas supply, concerns to comply with environmental standards and safeguard the populations in areas where exploration and exploitation take place, particularly in relation to maintaining soil and drinking water quality for household consumption and farms. [...]
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Research Report

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