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Kołodko, Grzegorz W.
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TIGER Working Paper Series 56
When it seems that everything or nearly everything has been said about the prerequisites and prospects of economic growth - in the Polish context, too (Kolodko 2002b and 2002c; Noga 2004) - it is worthwhile to revisit certain aspects of this phenomenon, which is of vital importance for the functioning and development of society. All the more so in view of the conflicting opinions on the matter: while some authors appear quite optimistic - hopefully not without justification (Kolodko 2001) - others tend towards pessimism, on rational grounds, too (G±ówczyk 2003; Podkaminer 2004). We are especially interested in growth factors and the causes of disparities between the potential and actual growth rates. In this connection, I wish to take up some issues pertaining to the interaction between, on the one hand, the structure and functioning of market economy institutions and, on the other, the policy followed within their framework and the efficiency of its instruments, focusing on the implications for long-term output dynamics. A great many reflections spring to mind in this context, at least some of which merit a closer look.
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Working Paper

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