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[Journal:] Intereconomics [ISSN:] 0020-5346 [Volume:] 27 [Issue:] 2 [Publisher:] Verlag Weltarchiv [Place:] Hamburg [Year:] 1992 [Pages:] 86-93
Verlag Weltarchiv, Hamburg
In view of the extent of environmental destruction in the Third World, it is necessary to make urgent use of all the instruments available in order to protect the environment and conserve natural resources. However, the priorities both of the people there and of their governments are more often aimed at economic growth than environmental protection, due to the low standards of living prevailing in these countries. How can this conflict of interests, which will be one of the main issues being discussed at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in June 1992 in Rio de Janeiro, be resolved?
Environment Policy
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