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2007 Identifying the Rebound: Theoretical Issues and Empirical Evidence from a German Household PanelFrondel, Manuel; Peters, Jörg; Vance, Colin
2007 Always Poor or Never Poor and Nothing in Between? Duration of Child Poverty in GermanyFertig, Michael; Tamm, Marcus
2007 Does Money Buy Higher Schooling? Evidence from Secondary School Track Choice in GermanyTamm, Marcus
2006 Before and After the Hartz Reforms: The Performance of Active Labour Market Policy in GermanyJacobi, Lena; Kluve, Jochen
2006 A Note on Consistency of Heckman-type two-step Estimators for the Multivariate Sample-Selection ModelTauchmann, Harald
2006 Tobacco and Alcohol: Complements or Substitutes? - A Statistical Guinea Pig ApproachTauchmann, Harald; Göhlmann, Silja; Requate, Till; Schmidt, Christoph M.
2006 Satellites and Suburbs: A High-resolution Model of Open-space ConversionIovanna, Rich; Vance, Colin
2006 Hard Coal Subsidies: A Never-Ending Story?Frondel, Manuel; Kambeck, Rainer; Schmidt, Christoph M.
2006 Improving Business Cycle Forecasts' Accuracy - What Can We Learn from Past Errors?Döhrn, Roland
2006 An Extension of the Blinder-Oaxaca Decomposition to Non-Linear ModelsBauer, Thomas K.; Sinning, Mathias
2006 Identifying the Determinants of Attitudes towards Immigrants - A Structural Cross-Country AnalysisBrenner, Jan; Fertig, Michael
2006 Home-ownership and Economic Performance of Immigrants in GermanySinning, Mathias
2006 On the Link between Urban Form and Automobile Use - Evidence from German Survey DataVance, Colin; Hedel, Ralf
2006 Bank Lending and Asset Prices in the Euro AreaFrömmel, Michael; Schmidt, Torsten
2006 Gender Differences in Smoking BehaviorBauer, Thomas K.; Göhlmann, Silja; Sinning, Mathias
2006 Copayments in the German Health System - Do They Work?Augurzky, Boris; Bauer, Thomas K.; Schaffner, Sandra
2006 The Effects of Reference Pricing on Ex-factory Prices of Rx Drugs in Germany - A Panel Data ApproachAugurzky, Boris; Göhlmann, Silja; Greß, Stefan; Wasem, Jürgen
2006 Who gets the Credit? Determinants of the Probability of Default in the German Hospital SectorAugurzky, Boris; Engel, Dirk; Schwierz, Christoph
2006 The Effectiveness of European Active Labor Market PolicyKluve, Jochen
2006 On the Restrictiveness of Separability: The Significance of Energy in German ManufacturingFrondel, Manuel; Schmidt, Christoph M.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 57
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