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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015Labour market dynamics and worker heterogeneity during the Great Recession: Evidence from EuropeBachmann, Ronald; Bechara, Peggy; Kramer, Anica; Rzepka, Sylvi
2012Revisiting the complementarity between education and training: The role of personality, working tasks and firm effectsGörlitz, Katja; Tamm, Marcus
2010One Last Puff? – Public Smoking Bans and Smoking BehaviorAnger, Silke; Kvasnicka, Michael; Siedler, Thomas
2010Energy Consumption and Economic Growth – New Insights into the Cointegration RelationshipBelke, Ansgar; Dreger, Christian; de Haan, Frauke
2014Transferability of human capital and immigrant assimilation: An analysis for GermanyBasilio, Leilanie; Bauer, Thomas K.; Kramer, Anica
2015How health plan enrollees value prices relative to supplemental benefits and service qualityBünnings, Christian; Schmitz, Hendrik; Tauchmann, Harald; Ziebarth, Nicolas R.
2015Does the burglar also disturb the neighbor? Crime spillovers on individual well-beingAvdic, Daniel; Bünnings, Christian
2013Entwickeln sich wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Forschung und Politikberatung auseinander?Haucap, Justus; Mödl, Michael; Schmidt, Christoph M.; aus dem Moore, Nils; Themann, Michael; Richter, Wolfram F.; Fratzscher, Marcel; Wagner, Gert G.; Güth, Werner; Kliemt, Hartmut; Koll, Willi
2015Long-term care reform and the labor supply of household members: Evidence from a quasi-experimentGeyer, Johannes; Korfhage, Thorben
2013Pro & Contra: Kosten der Energiewende zu hoch? - Pro: Quotenmodell statt EEG - Contra: Die Nicht-Energiewende ist teurerFrondel, Manuel; Kemfert, Claudia