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Aguilar-Argaez, Ana María
Cuadra, Gabriel
Ramírez-Bulos, Claudia
Sámano, Daniel
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Working Papers No. 2014-20
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In order to create an environment of low and stable inflation in Mexico it has been necessary to generate a framework for the conduction of monetary policy focused on price stability along with fiscal discipline. This paper describes some structural achievements to control inflation that have been attained in Mexico. In addition, it shows empirical evidence in favor of the anchoring of inflation expectations, particularly those for the medium and long term, being recently strengthened. Considering three episodes, within the period 2004-2012, in which inflation was subject to different supply shocks, it finds that during the episode in 2012 inflation expectations showed greater stability. Results show that the response from inflation expectations to supply shocks has diminished over time, up to values that are not significantly different from zero. This suggests a strengthening of the credibility of the Bank of Mexico's commitment to price stability.
inflation expectations
anchoring inflation expectations
cost-push shocks
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Working Paper
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