WIFO Working Papers, Österreichisches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung (WIFO)

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2023 Klima- und umweltrelevante öffentliche Ausgaben in ÖsterreichKöppl, Angela; Schleicher, Stefan P.; Schratzenstaller, Margit
2023 Transformation to a renewable electricity system in Austria: Insights from an integrated model analysisKettner, Claudia; Böheim, Michael; Sommer, Mark; Gaugl, Robert; Bachhiesl, Udo; Gruber, Lia; Klatzer, Thomas Florian; Wogrin, Sonja; Kratena, Kurt
2023 Trade in times of uncertaintyMatzner, Anna; Meyer, Birgit; Oberhofer, Harald
2023 Integrated power and economic analysis of Austria's renewable electricity transformationGaugl, Robert; Sommer, Mark; Kettner, Claudia; Bachhiesl, Udo; Klatzer, Thomas Florian; Gruber, Lia; Böheim, Michael; Kratena, Kurt; Wogrin, Sonja
2023 Taxes and subsidies in EU energy policy: Fit for 55?Kettner, Claudia; Wretschitsch, Eva
2022 More caseworkers shorten unemployment durations and save costs: Results from a field experiment in an Austrian public employment officeBöheim, René; Eppel, Rainer; Mahringer, Helmut
2022 On the heterogeneous trade and welfare effects of GATT/WTO membershipFelbermayr, Gabriel; Larch, Mario; Yalçin, Erdal; Yotov, Yoto
2022 Cutting through the value chain: The long-run effects of decoupling the East from the WestFelbermayr, Gabriel; Mahlkow, Hendrik; Sandkamp, Alexander-Nikolai
2022 INTAXMOD: Inheritance and gift taxation in the context of ageingKrenek, Alexander; Schratzenstaller, Margit; Grünberger, Klaus; Thiemann, Andreas
2022 Macroeconomic effects of green recovery programmes: Conceptual framing and a review of the empirical literatureKöppl, Angela; Schratzenstaller, Margit
2022 Allowance transactions in the EU ETS - Evidence from Austrian companiesKettner, Claudia; Kletzan-Slamanig, Daniela
2022 Dimensionen von Digitalisierung der Sozialpolitik in Österreich: Ein konzeptioneller DiskussionsbeitragAngel, Stefan
2022 The impact of trade and trade policy on the environment and the climate: A reviewFelbermayr, Gabriel; Peterson, Sonja; Wanner, Joschka
2022 The Global Sanctions Data Base. Release 3: COVID-19, Russia, and multilateral sanctionsSyropoulos, Constantinos; Felbermayr, Gabriel; Kirilakha, Aleksandra; Yalçin, Erdal; Yotov, Yoto
2022 Can value chain integration explain the diverging economic performance within the EU?Kügler, Agnes; Reinstaller, Andreas; Friesenbichler, Klaus S.
2022 The effects of more intensive counselling for disadvantaged unemployed youthEppel, Rainer; Mahringer, Helmut
2022 EU cohesion policy on the ground: Analyzing small-scale effects using satellite dataBachtrögler, Julia; Dolls, Mathias; Krolage, Carla; Schüle, Paul; Taubenböck, Hannes; Weigand, Matthias
2022 Has the Russian invasion of Ukraine reinforced anti-globalization sentiment in Austria?Gutmann, Jerg; Pitlik, Hans; Fronaschütz, Andrea
2022 Small and internationalised firms competing with Chinese exportersFriesenbichler, Klaus S.; Reinstaller, Andreas
2021 Embedding scenarios of Austria's transition to climate-neutral economy within the context of global action to mitigate climate change. EconTrans working paper #2Zebrowski, Piotr; Jonas, Matthias
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 557