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2004 Parallel computing techniquesNakano, Junji
2004 Adoption of e-business: patterns and consequences of network externalitiesSchade, Christian; Köllinger, Philipp
2004 Statistical DatabasesLenz, Hans-Joachim; Günther, Oliver; Boyens, Claus
2004 The Effect of Inventory on Purchase Incidence: Empirical Analysis of Opposing Forces of Storage and ConsumptionBoztuğ, Yasemin; Bell, David R.
2004 Numerical Linear AlgebraČížek, Pavel; Čížková, Lenka
2004 Computational Methods in Survival AnalysisKamakura, Toshinari
2004 Satisfaction and Interpersonal Closeness as Determinants of Relationship Commitment in Business-to-Business RelationshipsPaulssen, Marcel
2004 Limit Distribution of Convex-Hull Estimators of BoundariesJeong, Seok-Oh; Park, Byeong U.
2004 Prognose mit nichtparametrischen VerfahrenHärdle, Wolfgang Karl; Chen, Ying; Schulz, Rainer
2004 Skewness and Kurtosis TradesHärdle, Wolfgang Karl; Blaskowitz, Oliver J.; Schmidt, Peter
2004 Modeling the risk process in the XploRe computing environmentWeron, Rafał; Burnecki, Krzysztof
2004 Simulation of risk processesHärdle, Wolfgang Karl; Burnecki, Krzysztof; Weron, Rafał
2004 Network intrusion detectionMarchette, David J.
2004 Bagging, boosting and ensemble methodsBühlmann, Peter
2004 The EM AlgorithmMcLachlan, Geoffrey J.; Krishnan, Thriyambakam; Ng, See Ket
2004 Incentive Contracts and Total Factor ProductivityDemougin, Dominique M.; Bental, Benjamin
2004 Random number generationL'Ecuyer, Pierre
2004 Computationally intensive Value at Risk calculationsWeron, Rafał
2004 Block Trading, Ownership Structure, and the Value of Corporate VotesDittmann, Ingolf
2004 Smoothing: Local Regression TechniquesLoader, Catherine
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 42
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