Working Papers, Studienzentrum Gerzensee, Schweizerische Nationalbank

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2018 Reserves for all? Central bank digital currency, deposits, and their (non)-equivalenceNiepelt, Dirk
2018 The risk-taking channel of liquidity regulations and monetary policyImhof, Stephan; Monnet, Cyril; Zhang, Shengxing
2018 Asset prices under alternative exchange rate regimesAregger, Nicole
2017 Policy evaluation by the synthetic control approach: The case of the Swiss francAregger, Nicole; Leutert, Jessica
2017 Testing the interest parity condition with Irving Fisher's example of Indian rupee and sterling bonds in the London financial market (1869-1906)Herger, Nils
2017 Unconventional monetary policy under appreciation pressure: The role of financial frictionsAregger, Nicole; Leutert, Jessica
2017 An empirical assessment of the Swedish Bullionist ControversyHerger, Nils
2016 Hidden Markov models in time series, with applications in economicsKaufmann, Sylvia
2016 Exchange rate predictability and state-of-the-art modelsYeșin, Pınar
2016 Changing dynamics at the zero lower boundBäurle, Gregor; Kaufmann, Daniel; Kaufmann, Sylvia; Strachan, Rodney W.
2016 Capital flows and the Swiss francYeșin, Pınar
2016 Exchange rate floor and central bank balance sheets: Simple spillover tests of the Swiss francAlvero, Adrien; Fischer, Andreas M.
2016 Factor augmented VAR revisited: A sparse dynamic factor model approachBeyeler, Simon; Kaufmann, Sylvia
2016 Fiscal federalism, taxation and grantsGonzalez-Eiras, Martín; Niepelt, Dirk
2015 The impact of international swap lines on stock returns of banks in emerging marketsAndrieș, Alin Marius; Fischer, Andreas M.; Yeșin, Pınar
2015 Capital flow waves to and from Switzerland before and after the financial crisisYesin, Pinar
2015 Human Capital and the Dynamic Effects of TradeAuer, Raphael A.
2015 The Impact of Interest Rate Risk on Bank LendingBeutler, Toni; Bichsel, Robert; Bruhin, Adrian; Danton, Jayson
2015 An uncovered interest parity condition that worked - The continental investment demand for London bills of exchange during the gold standard (1880 -1914)Herger, Nils
2014 Exchange Rate Pass-Through, Domestic Competition, and Inflation: Evidence from the 2005/08 Revaluation of the RenminbiAuer, Raphael A.
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 132