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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2008La Incidencia Distributiva del Acceso, Gasto y Consumo de los Servicios PúblicosMarchionni, Mariana; Sosa-Escudero, Walter; Alejo, Javier
2018Fading out effect or long lasting nudge? The impact of a conditional cash transfer program beyond starting the school year in ArgentinaEdo, María; Marchionni, Mariana
2009A Turning Point? Recent Developments on Inequality in Latin America and the CaribbeanGasparini, Leonardo; Cruces, Guillermo; Tornarolli, Leopoldo; Marchionni, Mariana
2010Multidimensional poverty in Latin America and the Caribbean New evidence from the Gallup World PollGasparini, Leonardo; Escudero, Walter Sosa; Marchionni, Mariana; Olivieri, Sergio
2015Bridging Gender Gaps? The Rise and Deceleration of Female Labor Force Participation in Latin America: An overviewGasparini, Leonardo; Marchionni, Mariana
2019Gender gaps in labor informality: The motherhood effectBerniell, Inés; Berniell, Lucila; de la Mata, Dolores; Edo, María; Marchionni, Mariana
2008¿Qué y a quién? Beneficios y beneficiarios de los programas de transferencias condicionadas de ingresosMarchionni, Mariana; Conconi, Adriana
2016Distributive implications of fertility changes in Latin AmericaBadaracco, Nicolás; Gasparini, Leonardo; Marchionni, Mariana
2015Female Labor Force Participation in Latin America: Evidence of DecelerationGasparini, Leonardo; Marchionni, Mariana; Badaracco, Nicolás; Serrano, Joaquín
2021Motherhood and the Allocation of TalentBerniell, Inés; Berniell, Lucila; de la Mata, Dolores; Edo, María; Fawaz, Yarine; Machado, Matilde P.; Marchionni, Mariana