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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015Economic assessment of development interventions in data poor countries: An application to Belize's sustainable tourism programBanerjee, Onil; Cicowiez, Martin; Cotta, Jamie
2015Growth in Labor Earnings Across the Income. Distribution: Latin America During the 2000sBrambilla, Irene; Tortarolo, Darío
2014Youth Turnover in Brazil: Job and Worker Flows and an Evaluation of a Youth-Targeted Training ProgramCorseuil, Carlos Henrique; Foguel, Miguel; Gonzaga, Gustavo; Ribeiro, Eduardo Pontual
2010Welfare Programs and Labor Supply in Developing Countries. Experimental Evidence from Latin AmericaAlzúa, María Laura; Cruces, Guillermo; Ripani, Laura
2011Effects of the Global Financial and Economic Crisis on the Bolivian Economy: A CGE ApproachCicowiez, Martin; Machicado, Carlos Gustavo
2018Income distribution in Latin America: The evolution in the last 20 years: A global approachTornarolli, Leopoldo; Ciaschi, Matías; Galeano, Luciana
2014La Segregación Escolar Público-Privado en América LatinaArcidiácono, Malena; Cruces, Guillermo; Gasparini, Leonardo; Jaume, David; Serio, Monserrat; Vázquez, Emmanuel
2010“I Can Hear the Grass Grow”: The Anatomy of Distributive Changes in ArgentinaEscudero, Walter Sosa; Petralia, Sergio
2018Trade liberalization and informality in Argentina: Exploring the adjustment mechanismsCruces, Guillermo; Porto, Guido; Viollaz, Mariana
2018Efectos de la desregulación del sistema universitario en el mercado laboral en Perúdel Pozo Loayza, César Edinho