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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015Technology Neutrality: Interaction between International Mobile Telecommunication and National Spectrum Management PoliciesEl-Moghazi, Mohamed; Whalley, Jason; Irvine, James
2015Media’s Effects on People’s Perceptions and Intentions in Post-Disaster Recovery – a Case Study of the Great East Japan EarthquakeCheng, John W.; Mitomo, Hitoshi; Otsuka, Tokio; Jeon, Stefan Y.
2015Privacy Protection Policy for Big Data Analytics in the Malaysian Telecommunications SectorChua, Hui Na; Chang, Younghoon; Wong, Siew Fan; Tan, Chor Min
2015Providing identity based on the telephone number: a new business model for telecommunication operatorsCarriedo, Francisco; Beltrán, Marta
2015Is data really the new “oil” of the 21st century or just another snake oil? Looking at uses and users (private/public)de Prato, Giuditta; Simon, Jean Paul
2015Real Options on New Generation Access Networks based on FTTH. An approach to the Spanish CaseGallardo, Fernando; Méndez, Mariano; Monjas, Manuel; Sánchez, Fernando
2015Transaction costs and the sharing economyHenten, Anders; Windekilde, Iwona
2015Assessment of spectrum value: application to sub-1GHz frequency bandsGonzález-Valderrama, Carlos; Frías, Zoraida; Martínez, Jorge Pérez
2015Complement and Network Externalisties in the Mobile Devices IndustryGyu, Lim Yeon; Taek, Kim Sang
2015Internet of Things: redefinition of Business Models for the next generation of Telecom servicesGhanbari, Amirhossein; Álvarez, Óscar; Markendahl, Jan