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Formation of steady competitiveness of regions on the basis of the perfection of risk management

Anokhina, Elena
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54th Congress of the European Regional Science Association: "Regional development & globalisation: Best practices", 26-29 August 2014, St. Petersburg, Russia
Effective, balanced development of regions is one of the major factors of economic growth of any country, both in macroeconomic stability, and in functioning of national economy in the conditions of world crisis. Occurring on a boundary XX and ÕÕI centuries transformation of economy of the developed countries, led to financial and economic crisis 2008-2009, proceeding uncertainty of tendencies of development of the world economy, begun after the long period of reduction repeated deepening of an inter-regional inequality in regions and countries of the world testify for the first time about necessity of search of approaches to formation of a new paradigm of management by the states and regions. Monitoring of social and economic development of regions of Russia in an economic crisis has shown that crisis processes occurred to different speed and in different degree influenced financial, economic and social sphere in regions with different level of the social and economic development, belonging to various typological groups. The most competitive, developed regions in Russia in crisis have tested the greatest recession in economic and social spheres. The similar tendency was observed in the countries of the world. In a number of the countries taking the advanced places in ratings of competitiveness, made by the International Institute for Management Development (Switzerland) and the World Economic Forum, in an economic crisis observed deep recession of economy. It means that competitiveness was not steady. It testifies that at definition of prospects of development of the countries and regions, at the decision-making, defining strategy of development of the countries and regions dangers, which can threaten social and economic development of the country or region at changes of the external and internal environment, have not been developed anti-recessionary strategy. The financial and economic crisis which has begun in Russia in 2008, has shown necessity of introduction for the theory and practice of regional strategic management of such concept as «regional risk». Working out of the concept of strategic regional management, taking into account regional risks is the really way to the sustainable competitiveness of countries and regions. This concept can be a basis for joint researches in the field of perfection of management by regions as the strategic approach is actual for the present stage of social and economic development and this approach never was key in realised in the countries of the world concepts of regional development.
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