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Possibilities and prospects of tourism development in the Russian Arctic

Larchenko, Lubov
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54th Congress of the European Regional Science Association: "Regional development & globalisation: Best practices", 26-29 August 2014, St. Petersburg, Russia
The article deals with necessity and possibility of tourism industry development as the leading sector of territorial specialization of Arctic regions. The problems are considered and strategic directions are defined for the formation and development of the tourism industry in the Arctic regions of Russia. Analysis of foreign experience in tourism development in the Arctic Regions allows to claim that it could be a powerful instrument in the economic development of Russia's Far North regions. In addition, tourist and recreational potential of Russian regions is much richer and more diverse than foreign one, including due to the enormous extension of the zone of Arctic Circle. The interest to Arctic tourism has been increasing in recent decades. This is due to several reasons. Among them are following: glut by traditional types of tourism, growth of amateurs of extreme tourism, the growing popularity of exclusive tours, including trips to the North Pole. Natural-resource potential, historical and cultural heritage, including ethnic and cultural potentials are at the heart of the tourism and recreation potential of Russian Arctic regions. High yield of northern tours, arctic growing demand for tourist products, a significant tourist potential of Russia's northern regions are favorable preconditions for increasing guest flow. The major problems that prevent fuller development of the tourist potential of the Russian Arctic are: ? very limited spacious composition of inbound tourism that doesn't correspond potential polar regions; ? Arctic regions are not remarkable to wide tourist community; ? Process control system of formation and development of the local tourism industry is badly developed in Arctic regions. Problem solving in the Arctic tourism industry is possible with the help of development and implementation of appropriate strategic directions and activities in the tourism sector. The most significant are: ? development promotion of priority species for the Arctic tourism, improvement of traditional and development of new tourism products; ? assistance in promotion of Arctic tourism products to the international and home markets; ? promotion of tourism infrastructure development; ? development of international and interregional cooperation; ? investment and financial provision of the process of formation and development of the tourism industry. Implementation of the above strategy formation and development of the tourism industry of the Russian Arctic regions will promote tourism industry development in these areas as one of the leading (budget-) territorial branches of specialization.
travel services
Natural-resource potential
strategy formation and development of the tourism industry
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Conference Paper

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