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Malov, Vladimir
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54th Congress of the European Regional Science Association: "Regional development & globalisation: Best practices", 26-29 August 2014, St. Petersburg, Russia
The appearance in scientific life some new notions and terms adequate to them is a natural process. In the field of research laws and regularities of spacial economics more and more popular now is becoming the notion of regional or territorial cluster. It should be agreed with those researchers who suppose that it is not true to identify notions of regional cluster and TIC. Elements of market relationships, attention to labor resources, attention to the regiones with well-developed structure of economy with the evaluation of effect from innovations, and evaluation of TIC competitiveness are represented in "TIC ? object" and its corresponding models quite completely. Future researchers of regional clusters may pay their attention on the following actually distinctive and unique characteristics of this new object: 1- Scale of reorganization. For TIC ? large-scaled changes in spatial structure of regional and country economy. For cluster ? small- and medium-scaled but permanent changes in the already established economical relashionships; 2- Elements of innovation. For TIC the innovations are put in projects: forecast for 15-20 years can not based on old technologies. For clusters innovations themselves are the product and objective of their activity within all period of innovations' life. We can say that innovation is a "criterion" for future model of cluster; 3- Information environment. For "TIC ? object" as it is an entity created for solving tasks of national economy level, information is not "limited resource". For cluster the aspect of information between interfacing elements (firms, companies, organizations) should be important to ensure their competitiveness with the help of constant developing and introducing innovations to market; 4- Target missions. TIC is an efficient instrument in the area of realization of regional economic policy by the state. The detection of existing and/or prospective clusters should probably give a signal to companies for closer interacting and to regional authorities to promote such interaction. The notion of territorial industrial complex have not denied notion energy production cócle. TIC notion supplemented them with new characteristics whose importance was growing in time. Changes of social relationships and appearance of new tasks for spatial development absolutely require an adequate answer in conceptual and dictionary models.
Territorial industrial complexes
market relationships
regional economic policy
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Conference Paper

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