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Golobokova, Galina
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53rd Congress of the European Regional Science Association: "Regional Integration: Europe, the Mediterranean and the World Economy", 27-31 August 2013, Palermo, Italy
The regional innovation system, developmentof innovation infrastructure, intellectual property. The background for this research was the increasing importance for innovations and intellectual property rights in Northern Region economy and helping develop of organizational different resources for the management of innovation and transfer of technology from universities and research institutions to the market place. The creation of the intellectual property environment and the effective and profitable transfer of technology have required institutional framework involving regional government and the managers of research bodies. The plans of the administration of the Magadan region in 2012were to continue to build the Register of innovation active enterprises, improve the legal framework to support innovation, the creation of the required methodical and informational support, as well as identifying innovative leaders through the competition of innovative projects and conducting educational activities for training the specialists for the innovation economy with using of the intellectual propertyobjects.Lack of information about the objects of intellectual property developed in the region raises the need for developing an electronic catalog of patents that allows organizing the information to research organizations and business structures of regional intellectual property. For that we created in the regional innovation infrastructureNonprofit partnership 'North-East center of intellectual property', which became the most effective factor in the development of innovative system of Northern Region, when there are now other opportunities for effective economy.These activity gives us the many possible relationships between individual researchers, university authorities and sponsors of intellectual property ownership of research work needs to be made clear and recorded from very beginning. The main aims of 2013 of innovation are the effort of authorities, various business organizations, scientific research and educational centers that will help to solve the main questions and problems of innovation development of the Magadan regionwith the intellectual property rights using. The amount of total funding for that in target program 'Innovative development of the Magadan region in 2009-2013'is provided by regional budget. The results of thedevelopment ofinnovative system of Magadanregion research have been used to correct the concept paper 'Thestrategy of social and economic development of the Russian Far East and Transbaikal till 2025' and have been incorporated in educational courses In North-East State University.
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Conference Paper

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