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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020 COVID-19: Impacts on African economies – economic challenges and social safety net responsesRyder, Hannah Wanije; Benefo, Angela
2020 Policy instruments for FDI promotion in AfricaMösle, Saskia; Steglich, Frauke
2020 Mobilizing women voters in PakistanChaudhry, Zain
2020 The role of global governance institutions in mitigating the adverse economic impacts of epidemicsArchibong, Belinda; Annan, Francis; Ekhator-Mobayode, Uche
2019 Special economic zones: An effective instrument for growth in Africa?Mösle, Saskia
2019 External validity and policy adaptation: From impact evaluation to policy designWilliams, Martin J.
2019 Does female economic empowerment promote development?Balasubramanian, Pooja; Ibanez, Marcela; Khan, Sarah; Sahoo, Soham
2019 Job training programs for youth in low-income countriesStöterau, Jonathan
2018 A tale of two MENAsAbdelaziz, Fatma; Breisinger, Clemens
2018 Pre-departure policies for migrants' origin countriesBarsbai, Toman
2017 Assessing youth development in Sub-Saharan Africa with a multidimensional indexEfobi, Uchenna; Orkoh, Emmanuel
2017 Land use competition in Sub-Saharan Africa's rural areasNolte, Kerstin; Sipangule, Kacana
2017 Identifying key sectors and key policies of a pro-poor growth strategyHenning, Christian; Hedtrich, Johannes
2017 Industrialisation in Africa: Challenges and OpportunitiesAsche, Helmut; Grimm, Michael
2017 Effective anti-corruption policy-making: What can we learn from experimental economics?Boly, Amadou; Gillanders, Robert
2016 Migration, poverty and equalityAndersen, Lykke E.
2016 Social protection: A key instrument for social, economic and political developmentLoewe, Markus
2016 What to do about rising inequality in developing countries?Klasen, Stephan
2016 Designing better donor strategies for inclusive businessKleemann, Linda
2015 Changing priorities in climate change research and adaptation policyAndersen, Lykke E.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 22
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