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Ritter, Matthias
Deckert, Lars
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SFB 649 Discussion Paper 2015-046
Since wind energy is rapidly growing, new wind farms are installed worldwide and a discussion is going on concerning the optimal political framework to promote this development. In this paper, we present a wind energy index, which is supportive for wind park planners, operators, and policy-makers. Based on long-term and low-scale reanalysis wind speed data from MERRA and true production data, it can predict the expected wind energy production for every location and turbine type. After an in-sample and out-of-sample evaluation of the index performance, it is applied to assess the wind energy potential of locations in Germany, to compare different turbine types and to derive the required compensation in terms of locally different feed-in tariffs. We show that in many parts of South Germany, profitability of new wind parks cannot be achieved given the current legal situation.
wind power
renewable energy
onshore wind
feed-in tariff
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Working Paper

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