CFS Working Paper Series, Universität Frankfurt a. M.

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2023Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI): Foundations, use cases and economic potentialBrühl, Volker
2023Fixed and variable longevity annuities in defined contribution plans: Optimal retirement portfolios taking social security into accountHorneff, Vanya; Maurer, Raimond; Mitchell, Olivia S.
2023Biased auctioneersAubry, Mathieu; Kräussl, Roman; Manso, Gustavo; Spaenjers, Christophe
2023Hedge fund investment in ETFsCumming, Douglas J.; Monteiro, Pedro
2023Sovereign wealth fund investment in venture capital, private equity, and real asset fundsCumming, Douglas J.; Monteiro, Pedro
2023Does family matter? Venture capital cross-fund cash flowsKräussl, Roman; Rinne, Kalle; Sunc, Huizhu
2023Closed-end funds and discount control mechanismsKräussl, Roman; Pollet, Joshua M.; Stefanova, Denitsa
2023Non-fungible tokens (NFTs): A review of pricing determinants, applications and opportunitiesKräussl, Roman; Tugnetti, Alessandro
2023Enough liquidity with enough capital - And vice versa?Gersbach, Hans; Haller, Hans; Zelzner, Sebastian
2023A broader perspective on the inflationary effects of energy price shocksKilian, Lutz; Zhou, Xiaoqing
2023Trust in risk sharing: A double-edged swordCole, Harold L.; Krueger, Dirk; Mailath, George J.; Park, Yena
2023Art collectors as venture capitalistsWhitaker, Amy; Kräussl, Roman
2023Dark trading and financial markets stabilityGonçalves, Jorge; Kräussl, Roman; Levin, Vladimir
2023Heterogeneity in the pass-through from oil to gasoline prices: A new instrument for estimating the price elasticity of gasoline demandKilian, Lutz; Zhou, Xiaoqing
2023Walk the talk: Shareholders' soft engagement at annual general meetingsAuzepy, Alix; Bannier, Christina E.; Martin, Fabio
2023Towards a design-based approach to accounting researchLeuz, Christian
2023The performance of marketplace lendersKräussl, Roman; Kräussl, Zsofia; Pollet, Joshua M.; Rinne, Kalle
2023Neoclassical growth with long-term one-sided commitment contractsKrueger, Dirk; Uhlig, Harald
2023The fundamental value of art NFTsFridgen, Gilbert; Kräussl, Roman; Papageorgiou, Orestis; Tugnetti, Alessandro
2023Big Tech, the platform economy and the European digital marketsBrühl, Volker
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 694
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