CFS Working Paper Series, Universität Frankfurt a. M.

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2022 Green financial products in the EU: A critical review of the status quoBrühl, Volker
2022 Why bank money creation?Gersbach, Hans; Zelzner, Sebastian
2021 Green finance in Europe: Strategy, regulation and instrumentsBrühl, Volker
2021 Decentralised Finance (DeFi) - wie die Tokenisierung die Finanzindustrie verändertBrühl, Volker
2021 It's not time to make a change: Sovereign fragility and the corporate credit riskFornari, Fabio; Zaghini, Andrea
2021 The Covid pandemic in the market: Infected, immune and cured bondsZaghini, Andrea
2021 Macroeconomic stabilisation and monetary policy effectiveness in a low-interest-rate environmentCoenen, Günter; Montes-Galdón, Carlos; Schmidt, Sebastian
2021 Reporting regulation and corporate innovationBreuer, Matthias; Leuz, Christian; Vanhaverbeke, Steven
2021 Disaster resilience and asset pricesPagano, Marco; Wagner, Christian; Zechner, Josef
2021 The geography of investor attentionMengoli, Stefano; Pagano, Marco; Pattitoni, Pierpaolo
2021 Governance and success in U.S. equity crowdfundingCumming, Douglas J.; Johan, Sofia Atiqah; Reardon, Robert S.
2021 Agile methods in the German banking sector - some evidence on expectations, experiences and success factorsBrühl, Volker
2021 Covid, work-from-home, and securities misconductCumming, Douglas J.; Firth, Christopher; Gathergood, John; Stewart, Neil
2021 Loan guarantees, bank lending and credit risk reallocationAltavilla, Carlo; Ellul, Andrew; Pagano, Marco; Polo, Andrea; Vlassopoulos, Thomas
2021 FinTech loans, self-employment, and financial performanceCumming, Douglas J.; Sewaid, Ahmed
2021 COVID-19 and entrepreneurial processes in U.S. equity crowdfundingCumming, Douglas J.; Reardon, Robert S.
2021 The impact of rising oil prices on U.S. inflation and inflation expectations in 2020-23Kilian, Lutz; Zhou, Xiaoqing
2021 The role of the prior in estimating VAR models with sign restrictionsInoue, Atsushi; Kilian, Lutz
2021 Facts and fiction in oil market modelingKilian, Lutz
2021 Container trade and the U.S. recoveryKilian, Lutz; Nomikos, Nikos K.; Zhou, Xiaoqing
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 661
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