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Cerqueira, Mário José Barbosa
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Texto para Discussão, Instituto de Pesquisa Econômica Aplicada (IPEA) 1929
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This study is to assess the needs and possibilities of fostering the engineering design firms in Brazil, more specifically those targeting the naval industry projects, and also offer a diagnosis to guide the formulation, implementation and evaluation of policy support to strengthen this segment of services. The methodological procedures that were adopted primarily involved literature review and interviews with key affiliates of marine engineering design in Brazil, where we seek: to characterize the main types of marine engineering projects, assess the level of training of the leading consulting engineering naval projects in Brazil, analyze the level of technical requirement of the prime contractors of marine engineering projects in Brazil, and examine key technical recommendations for engineering projects by shipbuilders, Navy and ICTs, where it can be seen that the naval engineering consulting companies in Brazil have several opportunities to develop, since there is large market potential. Finally some propositions were presented to enhance the development and competitiveness of the sector of consulting engineering of naval projects in Brazil, which has good training but it is not fully exploited for basic designs, where issues and technological synergies with local producers of equipment could be potentiated, contributing greatly to the development and improvement of the national supply chain of ship parts.
naval engineering
naval projects
public policy
shipbuilding industry
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Working Paper

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