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Hirst, Monica
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Texto para Discussão, Instituto de Pesquisa Econômica Aplicada (IPEA) 1986
Abstract (Translated): 
Brazil, together with India and South Africa, now represent a renewed source of international pressure, views, and resources. IBSA has brought together these three developing nations, that are regional powerhouses, therefore simultaneously opening space for affirmative multilateralism, intra-South political coordination. They countries have been dedicating special attention to the rule-making process of global governance agendas and institutions. While broadening and deepening the scope of their responsibilities and commitments to other developing countries, they have been crafting innovative forms of inter-state collaboration. The chance to sit together at the UNSC in 2011 as non-permanent members became a major opportunity for IBSA. During this year, this group was able to share and reinforce the values and perspectives on world politics and security in an effort to strengthen a Southern critical appraisal of the post-cold war liberal peace concepts and prescriptions. Whereas western powers have downplayed the importance of reviewing its methods and procedures UNSC, IBSA countries have transmitted their special concern with the flaws of UN bureaucratic coordination, the needs for improvement in the links between SC, the GA and the executive boards of the UN agencies. Brazil has become especially concerned with the question of legitimacy of the use of force in international intervention as well as the humanitarian impact of military action and the importance of solutions which sought equilibrium between peace, solidarity, sovereignty and sustainable development."Assistance and cooperation, rather than coercion must be our watchwords", have been Brazil's pledge at the UNCS.
foreign policy
emerging powers
United Nations Security Council
global governance
South-South cooperation
human rights
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Working Paper

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