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dos Santos, Cláudio Hamilton M.
Gouvea, Raphael Rocha
Leal, Ésio Moreira
Leão, Isabela D'loan Silva
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Texto para Discussão 1991
Abstract (Translated): 
It is difficult to exaggerate the macroeconomic and political relevance of the public transfers to the private sector in the Brazilian economy. These transfers have reached 15% of GPD in the last decade. However, there are just a few papers analyzing the evolution of these transfers. Given that, this paper has three main goals. First, to show how to construct an annual series compatible with the Brazilian national accounts system (ref. 2000) over the period 1995-2012. Second, to refine and extend (up until 2012) the previous effort of Santos, Macedo e Silva and Ribeiro (2010). Finally, we provide a short analysis of the numbers estimated for the aforementioned transfers.
Brazilian government transfers to households
Brazilian quarterly national accounts
Brazilian social benefits other than social transfers in kind
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Working Paper

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