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Čorejová, Tatiana
Madudová, Emília
Podperová, Angela
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52nd Congress of the European Regional Science Association: "Regions in Motion - Breaking the Path", 21-25 August 2012, Bratislava, Slovakia
Creativity is typically thought of in the singular – as an attribute. Creativity and imagination are the most important ingredients for coping with post-normal times. This paper looks at the way creativity itself is being transformed in ICT sector. Creativity researchers tend to refer to creativity as an attribute of a person. But it may be a set of multiple attributes. How those multiple attributes might be arrayed in ICT sector is, as yet, an open question. Paper also describes an importance of creative thinking and the place of ICT in creative industries. People might show consistent individual differences in processes, domains, and styles of creative thinking. To be effective in innovation efforts, ICT sector has to take into account the nature of the strategy and organizational processes of innovation as a mixture of creativity, irrationality and feasibility. Innovation is not similar to performing regular „business as usual". Innovation is to a large extent unpredictable, complex, dynamic, non-routine-based, and involves creativity and risk. Innovation is difficult to control and is extentialy an entrepreneurial process as such. People within a highly technical area have their ideas formed by technical possibilities, difference is important. Nevertheless, the idea can be used as a provocation from which to move forward. Without some emphasis on 'difference' there is the danger that all new ideas will immediately drain back to the traditional ideas. It is important to keep all the above points in mind. Otherwise people in a highly technical area will not accept that the basic tools of creativity can indeed be applied in their area. ICT sector is a rapidly changing sector. If there are more than one forms of creativity, what forms might they take in ICT sector? This paper also answers questions on the subject of enhancing the creativity in ICT sector, environment supporting creativity in ICT sector, cognitive, personality and motivational constituents of creativity in ICT sector, relation of creativity to knowledge and expertise in ICT sector, role of technology and development enhancing creativity in ICT sector. This article has proposed some different ways in which creativity in ICT sector might be multiple.
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Conference Paper

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