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The role of integration mechanisms in creation of regional innovative system of Magadan region

Galina, Golobokova
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52nd Congress of the European Regional Science Association: "Regions in Motion - Breaking the Path", 21-25 August 2012, Bratislava, Slovakia
The role of integration mechanisms in creation of regional innovative system of Magadan region Galina M.Golobokova, Administration of Magadan region, Magadan, Russia The regional innovation system, innovation infrastructure, interation mechanisms. In Russia the adoption of new technologies by changing the "raw-material" economy to the competitive production one faces a number of difficulties originated by sequences of our transition to the market economy, partial loss of priorities in technological development as well as weakness of national innovative system. That's why it is important to work out a number of scientific approaches for development of synergic mechanisms to integratethe efforts of all participants of the innovative process.It makes the basement for legal and institutional reorganization (legal acts on innovative activity as well as on development of intellectual property market, commercialization of results of scientific and research activities, effective management of financial resources, compiling of innovative governmental order and stimulation of investors in innovative businesses). Within the framework of "Scientific research of innovation processes and development of mechanisms for implementation of innovations in regional economy" we have completed the following studies: modeling of strategic alternatives and mechanisms for implementation of innovations in regional economy; vectors of innovation development of regional economy on the basis of synergetic mechanisms of integration of various players in the innovation market; development of information and communication models of innovation; building of innovation mechanisms of the regional energy development; problems of formation of the regional market of intellectual property. We have drawn up technical approaches towards implementation of the strategy of innovation development of the Northern territories and a unique model of regional innovation policy building and functioning. The regional innovation system of the Magadan region is a set of interacting subjects of innovation activity. Regional innovation infrastructure provides support and sustainable development. The adopted strategy of development of the Magadan region till 2025 is intended to introduce innovations in various areas of economy: mining, fishing industry, energy conservation and electricity, oil and gas production, production of new building materials that will require new mechanisms of integration and considerable financial resourses. Nowadays the Magadan region is rated second in the Far East Federal district on the numbers innovation companies – 35 and on the volume of innovation goods (works and services) – 2,4 billion rubles. The share of innovation goods, works and services total 5,2% in the general volume that is the maximum in the Far East.
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