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Boserup, Rasmus Alenius
Martinez, Luis
Holm, Ulla
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DIIS Reports, Danish Institute for International Studies 2014:15
After three decades as North Africa's instable neighbor, Algeria has acquired a status as a potent regional superpower in the wake of the Arab Revolts of 2011. In a new DIIS report authors Rasmus Alenius Boserup, Luis Martinez and Ulla Holm critically assesses this claim of regime stability. The authors argue that although the regime faces considerable internal challenges in the form of regime fracturing, contentious politics, and changing regional security dynamics, it seems likely to endure in the near future. This endurance comes, however, with a price: A likely militarization of the regime and a subsequent destabilization of the internal political scene combined with a possible escalation of regional competition. In response, a concerted effort form the international society and local actors alike is needed to deescalate regional conflict dynamics and bolster civil political institution and movements.
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Research Report

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