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Bourgouin, France
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DIIS Reports, Danish Institute for International Studies 2015:04
This synthesis was prepared by France Bourgouin with the research support of Roberta Pinamonti, Charlotte Bancilhon, Asako Nagai, and Julia Panzer. It was developed as part of the Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS) research project Governing Uranium. Since, 2013, DIIS has been releasing a series of reports on the governance of the front end of the nuclear fuel-cycle which set forth the premise for the increased attention to the uranium mining sector in non-proliferation debates. This research conducted by DIIS and its project partners serves as the foundation for this report. The analysis presented here takes as its point of departure the political and governance analyses developed by DIIS. It is important to note that BSR did not seek to interpret or analyze its contents, and the findings expressed in this report that are based upon this research are not necessarily those advocated by BSR. Rather, BSR aims to provide a complementary component to the Governing Uranium project by exploring the potential for corporate sustainability practices to contribute to the development of a non-proliferation and nuclear security culture which will bolster the current regulatory regime of the global uranium sector.
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Research Report

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