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Linking marketing innovation and territorial resources: the example of Porcilin Saveurs en'Or a regional brand with nutritional attribute

Nalini, Rakotonandraina
Loic, Sauvee
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51st Congress of the European Regional Science Association: "New Challenges for European Regions and Urban Areas in a Globalised World", 30 August - 3 September 2011, Barcelona, Spain
This paper discusses development and marketing of local agri food products in a context of sustainable regional development. This is illustrated by the example of "The Porcilin Saveurs en'Or" (Le Porcilin) case, which is a marketing segmentation and innovative product differentiation based upon local resources and know-how. Porcilin Saveurs en'Or program is an interesting case of territorial food marketing which put together marketing innovation and regional development. Indeed, Porcilin Saveurs en'Or is a combination of two initiatives: The Porcilin brand a nutritional brand associated with a local product (pork meat) which means pork with linen; and Saveurs en'Or, a collective regional label developed to promote local agri food products and resources in the North Pas de Calais region in France. The Porcilin was initiated by a group of pork producers in the North Pas de Calais Region to secure market by developing product with a quality differentiation, specific attributes for pig meat in connection with the origin area (pigs were born, raised and processed in the region). The study identified that successful promotion of local products depends on several parameters including the mix-marketing strategy (product characteristics regarding its innovation, quality and safety specifications, therefore the valorisation of the product itself; price, place (distribution: the notion of proximity); promotion and communication in that depends the recognition of local consumers. An important parameter for the success of this strategy is the organization of the chain, in other words the chain governance through the different relationships of coordination and cooperation (partnerships, convention, trust, contractual agreements) between the various parties involved in the program. Another success factor is the supporting organization (institutional organization, association of promotion) that promotes the local industries and plays a significant role in the sustainable development of regional chains by coordinating collective action, training for local operators, managing funding, and grant.
Local agrifood product
sustainable regional development
Porcilin Saveurs en'Or
product differentiation
nutritional brand
pork meat
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Conference Paper

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