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Giacomo Becattini and the notion of "Marshallian Industrial District"

Trullen, Joan
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51st Congress of the European Regional Science Association: "New Challenges for European Regions and Urban Areas in a Globalised World", 30 August - 3 September 2011, Barcelona, Spain
The notion of "Marshallian Industrial District" proposed by Giacomo Becattini in the first seventies has led a revolution in the local economic analysis around the world. The paper offers a methodological interpretation of the approach adopted by Becattini. The roots are clearly Marshallian. He understands the economy as a complex social science that operates in historical time. But Becattini goes beyond because he proposes a new unity of analysis for the local economic development. The paper identifies similarities and differences between the original concept of "Industrial District" proposed by Marshall and the concept of "Marshallian Industrial District" in the Becattini's approach. The paper uses the distinction between logical time, real time and historical time. The "Marshallian Industrial District" approach proposes the study of economic process located in specific areas and explained in historical time.
industrial district
Marshallian industrial district
methodology of economics
Schumpeter's economic analysis
historical time
economic process
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Conference Paper

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