Economics of Security Working Paper Series - DIW Berlin

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012 A Duration Analysis of Terrorist Strategy in Domestic Conflict: Evidence from Northern Ireland 1971 - 1994Ferguson, Neil
2012 Does Legalized Prostitution Increase Human Trafficking?Cho, Seo-Young; Dreher, Axel; Neumayer, Eric
2012 The Determinants of Anti-trafficking Policies: Evidence from a New IndexCho, Seo-Young; Dreher, Axel; Neumayer, Eric
2012 Integrating Equality: Globalization, Women's Rights, and Human TraffickingCho, Seo-Young
2012 Barrgh-gaining with Somali Piratesde Groot, Olaf J.; Rablen, Matthew D.; Shortland, Anja
2012 Modeling for Determinants of Human TraffickingCho, Seo-Young
2012 Human Trafficking, a Shadow of Migration: Evidence from GermanyCho, Seo-Young
2012 Terrorism and Political Self-Placement in European Union CountriesEconomou, Athina; Kollias, Christos
2012 Terrorism Induced Cross-Market Transmission of Shocks: A Case Study Using Intraday DataKollias, Christos; Papadamou, Stephanos; Siriopoulos, Costas
2012 Combating Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism: A SurveyHaigner, Stefan; Schneider, Friedrich; Wakolbinger, Florian
2012 Why Militant Groups Fight Each Other: The Role of Support, Political Objectives and Revengevan Um, Eric
2012 Rogue State Behavior and Markets: The Financial Fallout of North Korean Nuclear TestsKollias, Christos; Papadamou, Stephanos
2012 Employment Restrictions and Political Violence in the Israeli-Palestinian ConflictMiaari, Sami; Zussman, Asaf; Zussman, Noam
2012 Whose Support Matters for the Occurrence of Terrorism?Malečková, Jitka; Stanišić, Dragana
2012 EU Civilian Crisis Management and Organisational LearningBossong, Raphael
2012 Between Great Transformation and Politics as Usual: Formal and Informal Security Governance in EU Counterterrorism PolicyHegemann, Hendrik
2012 Assessing the EU's Added Value in the Area of Terrorism Prevention and Violent RadicalisationBossong, Raphael
2011 Gov-aargh-nance: "Even Criminals Need Law and Order"de Groot, Olaf J.; Rablen, Matthew D.; Shortland, Anja
2011 The Economics of Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism: A Survey (Part I)Schneider, Friedrich; Brück, Tilman; Meierrieks, Daniel
2011 Combating "Maritime Terrorism" off the Coast of SomaliaShortland, Anja; Vothknecht, Marc
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 75