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2023The Politics of Bad Options: Why the Eurozone's Problems Have Been So Hard to ResolveWalter, Stefanie; Ray, Ari; Redeker, Nils
2023Controlling the Capital: Political Dominance in the Urbanizing WorldGoodfellow, Tom; Jackman, David
2023Pockets of Effectiveness and the Politics of State-building and Development in AfricaHickey, Sam
2023Driving Digital Transformation: Lessons from Seven Developing CountriesNdulu, Benno; Stuart, Elizabeth; Dercon, Stefan; Knaack, Peter
2023Pension Funds and Sustainable Investment: Challenges and OpportunitiesHammond, Brett; Maurer, Raimond; Mitchell, Olivia
2023The Job Ladder: Transforming Informal Work and Livelihoods in Developing CountriesFields, Gary S.; Gindling, T. H.; Sen, Kunal; Danquah, Michael; Schotte, Simone
2023Tasks, Skills, and Institutions: The Changing Nature of Work and InequalityGradín, Carlos; Lewandowski, Piotr; Schotte, Simone; Sen, Kunal
2023The Political Economy of Food System Transformation: Pathways to Progress in a Polarized WorldResnick, Danielle; Swinnen, Johan
2022How to Achieve Inclusive GrowthCerra, Valerie; Eichengreen, Barry; El-Ganainy, Asmaa Adel; Schindler, Martin
2022New Models for Managing Longevity Risk: Public-Private PartnershipsMitchell, Olivia S.
2022The Digital Continent: Placing Africa in Planetary Networks of WorkAnwar, Mohammad Amir; Graham, Mark
2022Labour markets in low-income countries: Challenges and opportunitiesLam, David; Elsayed, Ahmed
2022Public Law and EconomicsCooter, Robert; Gilbert, Michael
2022The Politics of Distributing Social Transfers: State Capacity and Political Contestation in Sub-Saharan Africa and South AsiaLavers, Tom
2022Political Settlements and Development: Theory, Evidence, ImplicationsKelsall, Tim; Schulz, Nicolai; Ferguson, William D.; vom Hau, Matthias; Hickey, Sam; Levy, Brian
2022The Developer's Dilemma: Structural Transformation, Inequality Dynamics, and Inclusive GrowthAlisjahbana, Armida Salsiah; Sen, Kunal; Sumner, Andy; Yusuf, Arief
2022Sticky Power: Global Financial Networks in the World EconomyHaberly, Daniel; Wójcik, Dariusz
2022New Mediums, Better Messages?: How Innovations in Translation, Engagement, and Advocacy are Changing International DevelopmentLewis, David; Rodgers, Dennis; Woolcock, Michael
2022The Rise of Mass Advertising: Law, Enchantment, and the Cultural Boundaries of British ModernityRosenberg, Anat
2021Sovereign debt diplomacies: Rethinking sovereign debt from colonial empires to hegemonyPénet, Pierre; Flores Zendejas, Juan
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 45