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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2007The Victory of Hope over Angst? Funding, Asset Allocation, and Risk-Taking in German Public Sector Pension ReformMaurer, Raimond H.; Mitchell, Olivia S.; Rogalla, Ralph
2019Optimal social security claiming behavior under lump sum incentives: Theory and evidenceMaurer, Raimond; Mitchell, Olivia S.; Rogalla, Ralph; Schimetschek, Tatjana
2013How family status and social security claiming options shape optimal life cycle portfoliosHubener, Andreas; Maurer, Raimond; Mitchell, Olivia S.
2019Debt close to retirement and its implications for retirement well-beingLusardi, Annamaria; Mitchell, Olivia S.; Oggero, Noemi
2019Financial literacy and suboptimal financial decisions at older agesFong, Joelle H.; Koh, Benedict SK.; Mitchell, Olivia S.; Rohwedder, Susann
2010Financial literacy among the young: Evidence and implications for consumer policyLusardi, Annamaria; Mitchell, Olivia S.; Curto, Vilsa
2010How ordinary consumers make complex economic decisions: Financial literacy and retirement readinessLusardi, Annamaria; Mitchell, Olivia S.
2011Lifecycle impacts of the financial and economic crisis on household optimal consumption, portfolio choice, and labor supplyChai, Jingjing; Maurer, Raimond H.; Mitchell, Olivia S.; Rogalla, Ralph
2012Financial sophistication in the older populationLusardi, Annamaria; Mitchell, Olivia S.; Curto, Vilsa
2006Baby boomer retirement security: The roles of planning, financial literacy, and Housing wealthLusardi, Annamaria; Mitchell, Olivia S.