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Faust, Heiko
Schwarze, Stefan
Beckert, Barbara
Brümmer, Bernhard
Dittrich, Christoph
Euler, Michael
Gatto, Marcel
Hauser-Schäublin, Brigitta
Hein, J.
Holtkamp, Anna Mareike
Ibanez-Diaz, Marcela
Klasen, Stephan
Kopp, Thomas
Krishna, Vijesh
Kunz, Y.
Lay, Jann
Mußhoff, Oliver
Qaim, Matin
Steinebach, Stefanie
Vorlaufer, Miriam
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EFForTS Discussion Paper Series 1
EFForTS is a collaborative research center (CRC) which focuses on Ecological and socioeconomic Functions of Tropical Lowland Rainforest Transformation Systems in Sumatra,Indonesia. The paper presents the common sampling frame of the socio economic sub-projects.The investigations and data collections intertwine and complement one another. Thus themethodological approach reflects the idea of an interdisciplinary and integrative research approach. Lead by hypotheses we structured our sampling procedure hierarchically. Starting at the household level in the core villages of the research regions we investigate additional local villages. Further we extend the data collections on the regional level with household, village and trader surveys. The national and international levels we reach by stakeholder interviews with governmental and non-governmental experts. The applied methods are composed of qualitative and quantitative empirical studies.
socioeconomic functions
agricultural transformation systems
sampling framework
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Working Paper
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