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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015Oil palm expansion among smallholder farmers in Sumatra, IndonesiaEuler, Michael; Schwarze, Stefan; Siregar, Hermanto; Qaim, Matin
2015Oil palm adoption, household welfare and nutrition among smallholder farmers in IndonesiaEuler, Michael; Krishna, Vijesh; Schwarze, Stefan; Siregar, Hermanto; Qaim, Matin
2015Oil Palm Boom, Contract Farming, and Village Development: Evidence from IndonesiaGatto, Marcel; Wollni, Meike; Rosyani, Ir.; Qaim, Matin
2015Farmer heterogeneity and differential livelihood impacts of oil palm expansion among smallholders in Sumatra, IndonesiaKrishna, Vijesh V.; Euler, Michael; Siregar, Hermanto; Fathoni, Zakky; Qaim, Matin
2013Assessment of socio-economic functions of tropical lowland transformation systems in Indonesia - sampling framework and methodological approachFaust, Heiko; Schwarze, Stefan; Beckert, Barbara; Brümmer, Bernhard; Dittrich, Christoph; Euler, Michael; Gatto, Marcel; Hauser-Schäublin, Brigitta; Hein, J.; Holtkamp, Anna Mareike; Ibanez-Diaz, Marcela; Klasen, Stephan; Kopp, Thomas; Krishna, Vijesh; Kunz, Y.; Lay, Jann; Mußhoff, Oliver; Qaim, Matin; Steinebach, Stefanie; Vorlaufer, Miriam
2019Labor savings in agriculture and inequality at different spatial scales: The expansion of oil palm in IndonesiaKubitza, Christoph; Dib, Jonida Bou; Kopp, Thomas; Krishna, Vijesh V.; Nuryartono, Nunung; Qaim, Matin; Romero, Miriam; Klasen, Stephan
2019Land-use change, nutrition, and gender roles in Indonesian farm householdsChrisendo, Daniel; Krishna, Vijesh V.; Siregar, Hermanto; Qaim, Matin
2014Oil Palm Boom and Land-Use Dynamics in Indonesia: The Role of Policies and Socioeconomic FactorsGatto, Marcel; Wollni, Meike; Qaim, Matin
2014Do emerging land markets promote forestland appropriation? Evidence from IndonesiaKrishna, Vijesh V.; Pascual, Unai; Qaim, Matin
2018Land-use change and livelihoods of non-farm households: The role of income from employment in oil palm and rubber in rural IndonesiaBou Dib, Jonida; Krishna, Vijesh; Alamsyah, Zulkifli; Qaim, Matin