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Gál, Zoltán
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42nd Congress of the European Regional Science Association: "From Industry to Advanced Services - Perspectives of European Metropolitan Regions", August 27th - 31st, 2002, Dortmund, Germany
The economic attraction of the regions depends on the spatially balanced network-based co-operation of different research bases, SMEs and organisations involved in innovation development these days. The research on regional innovation examines the correlation between regional innovation development, innovation potential and the innovation networks. This study summarises the research trends on the innovation network theory and introduces experiences of the European network building in order to gain best practice in the introduction of network-oriented regional innovation development for the Hungarian region of South Transdanubian . After the introduction of the innovation endowments of the region I discuss the database of the potential network actors and organisations, the possible phases of the regional network building and the preparatory works of the regional innovation strategy under implementation.
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Conference Paper

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