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Tamayo García, Amelia
Urquiola García, Idalianys
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[Journal:] Revista de Métodos Cuantitativos para la Economía y la Empresa [ISSN:] 1886-516X [Volume:] 18 [Year:] 2014 [Pages:] 130-145
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Manufacturing companies require radical changes to achieve the required quantity and quality of their products and respond to market needs quickly. This issue is essential for a correct selection of the planning and control of production. The practical application of a specific tool depends on the classification of their productive system. Currently, to authors knowledge, there is no procedure that allows the selection of a suitable planning tool to be applied in a certain manufacturing company. The proposed procedure allows the companies to identify and to select the mathematical tool that it is best adjusted to its necessities, propitiating a bigger focus to the client, an increase of the level of management of the production, an increase of the level of management of the company, and a more efficient utilization of the resources.
production systems
planning and control of production
mathematical tools
horizons of planning
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