ERSA 2010 - 50th Congress of the European Regional Science Association, Jönköping, 2010

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2010 The Immigrant Wage Gap in Germany: Are East Europeans Worse Off?Lehmer, Florian; Ludsteck, Johannes
2010 Population Changes and Regional Economic Growth in the Nordic Countries 1994-2006Schmidt, Torben Dall; Kangasharju, Aki; Rauhut, Daniel
2010 Micro foundations for knowledge spillovers in spatial equilibrium modelsOstbye, Stein; Barde, Sylvain
2010 Measuring territorial cohesion impacts of High-Speed Rail at different planning levelsLopez, Elena; Ortega, Emilio; Monzón, Andrés
2010 An overview of accessibility measuresSilva, Mateus Araújo E; Kawamoto, Eiji
2010 THE RELATION BETWEEN LAND OCCUPATION, DENSITY AND SPATIAL FRAGMENTATION (SPAIN 1956-2006)Romano, Yraida; Colaninno, Nicola; Cerda, Jorge; Roca, Josep; Burns, Malcolm
2010 Possibilities for Cross-Border Cooperation in the Adriatic-Danubian AreaPauna, Carmen Beatrice; Chilian, Nona Mihaela
2010 The impact of behavioural structure of Romanian population on economic and social cohesion.Ailenei, Dorel; Cristescu, Amalia; Angelescu, Coralia
2010 Coordination cost and the distance puzzleNoblet, Sandrine; Belgodere, Antoine
2010 Industrial districts in rural areas of Italy and SpainBoix, Rafael; Vaillant, Yancy
2010 Determinants of regional comparative advantages in food industriesJohansson, Sara; Norman, Therese
2010 Regional Dynamics of Insurances in RomaniaConstantinescu, Dan; Rotaru, Constantin; Jula, Marius-Nicolae
2010 The role of the neighbourhood for firms that stayed- or leftSleutjes, Bart
2010 Missing trade and lumpy countriesMarrewijk, Charles Van; Brakman, Steven
2010 Innovative and socially motivated village development in a regional context: The Grythyttan caseFrankelius, Per; Eliasson, Fredrik
2010 The geography of creative industries in Europe: A comparison analysis in Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Spain and Portugal.Domenech, Rafael Boix; Lazzeretti, Luciana; Capone, Francesco; Propris, Lisa De; Sanchez, Daniel
2010 Against the Grain: What Motivates Entrepreneurs to Locate in Pennsylvania's Non-Metropolitan Cities and BoroughsFortunato, Michael; Alter, Theodore
2010 Ydre 2.0 A Time-Spatial Approach towards Post-Monetarism and Integrated Sustainable DevelopmentAssmo, Per; Wihlborg, Elin
2010 Could the aeronautics-aerospace industry renovate the 'poles of growth' model as a path of local development?Losurdo, Francesco; Stragapede, Valeria
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 519