ERSA 2004 - 44th Congress of the European Regional Science Association, Porto, 2004

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2004 Location Modelling and the Localization of Portuguese Manufacturing IndustriesGuimarães, Paulo; Figueiredo, Octávio; Woodward, Douglas
2004 Using Spatial Econometrics to Analyze Local Growth in SwedenLundberg, Johan
2004 Defining Scenarios through shift - share models. An Application to the regional employmentFernández, Matías Mayor; Menéndez, Ana Jesús López; Suárez, Rigoberto Pérez
2004 A Wage Based Measure of Aggregate Human CapitalCerejeira, João
2004 Spin-off firms and individual start-ups. Are they really different?Koster, Sierdjan
2004 Regional distribution of the knowledge based economy in the EU: towards an oligocentric model?Vence-Deza, X.; González-López, Manuel
2004 New Constitution, New Europe: What About (Fiscal) Federalism?Alves, Rui Henrique
2004 SMEs, the engine of local entrepreneurship, in the framework of New Basel Capital Accord: Perspectives-opportunities and obstacles for their reinforcement by the Banking SystemBalomenou, Chryssanthi
2004 Urban Green Space Policies: Performance and Success Conditions in European CitiesBaycan-Levent, Tüzin; Nijkamp, Peter
2004 A New Model Incorporating Leadership and Institutional Factors as Mediating Variables in Regional Endogenous GrowthStimson, Robert J; Stough, Roger R.
2004 Sectoral Energy- and Labour-Productivity ConvergenceGroot, Henri De; Mulder, Peter
2004 Regional Specialization via Differences in Transport Costs: An Economic Geography ApproachTakatsuka, Hajime; Zeng, Dao-Zhi
2004 Trends in income inequality in the European Union: implications for health inequalitiesPascual, Marta; Cantarero, David; Sarabia, Jose Maria
2004 Optimal agglomeration and regional policySuedekum, Jens; Pflueger, Michael
2004 Foreign Direct Investment and Agglomeration: Evidence from ItalyBronzini, Raffaello
2004 The North-South Digital Divide in Information and Communication Technologies Development: the Case for Spanish RegionsLera, Fernando; Billón, Margarita
2004 Urban Multifunctional Land Use and ExternalitiesVreeker, Ron
2004 Endogenous space in the Net eraArcangeli, E. Fabio; Padrin, Giorgio
2004 Landscape change and its effects on the visual experience of a case study area in the Öresunds regionOde, Åsa
2004 Migratory flows in Spain: a nonparametric and semiparametric approachMaza, Adolfo; Villaverde, José
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 357