ERSA 2004 - 44th Congress of the European Regional Science Association, Porto, 2004

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2004 Defining Scenarios through shift - share models. An Application to the regional employmentFernández, Matías Mayor; Menéndez, Ana Jesús López; Suárez, Rigoberto Pérez
2004 Using Spatial Econometrics to Analyze Local Growth in SwedenLundberg, Johan
2004 Location Modelling and the Localization of Portuguese Manufacturing IndustriesGuimarães, Paulo; Figueiredo, Octávio; Woodward, Douglas
2004 Assessment of multifunctional land use- an empirical analysis of the Amsterdam ‘Zuid WTC’ areaRodenburg, Caroline A.
2004 The effects of scientific regional opportunities in science-technology flows: Evidence from scientific literature in firms' patent dataAcosta, Manuel; Coronado, Daniel
2004 Regional distribution of the knowledge based economy in the EU: towards an oligocentric model?Vence-Deza, X.; González-López, Manuel
2004 Incentive distortions in decentralized systems of governance – why is financing decentralized systems so difficult?Schmidt, Torben Dall
2004 Elections and the public expenditure mixBarreira, Ana; Baleiras, Rui Nuno
2004 New Constitution, New Europe: What About (Fiscal) Federalism?Alves, Rui Henrique
2004 Measuring the Institutional Factors in the Economic Growth of the Mexican Regions 1970 - 2000Viruez, Maria Luisa Decuir
2004 Competitiveness and Public-Private Partnerships: Towards a More Decentralised PolicySilva, Mário Rui; Rodrigues, Hermano
2004 Spin-off firms and individual start-ups. Are they really different?Koster, Sierdjan
2004 The development of air traffic in SicilyFranca, Luigi La; Mortelliti, Daniela; Salerno, Silvia; Amoroso, Salvatore
2004 Spatial effects on technical progress: growth, and convergence among countriesBarreiro-Pereira, Fernando
2004 Modelling cross-border transport: Three cases in ÖresundPetersen, Tom
2004 Economic and Social Cohesion in the EU: a critical approachCuadrado-Roura, Juan R.; Garrido-Yserte, Rubén; Marcos-Calvo, Miguel Ángel
2004 An extension of ‘green port portfolio analysis’ to inland ports: an analysis of a range of eight inland ports in Western EuropeDooms, Michael; Haezendonck, Elvira
2004 Integration, Regional Specialization and Growth Differentials in EU Acceding Countries: Evidence from HungaryIara, Anna; Traistaru, Iulia
2004 Local government debt: an application to the Spanish caseCantarero, David; Pascual, Marta; Fernandez, Roberto; García-Valiñas, María A.
2004 Proactive stakeholder management in the port planning process: empirical evidence from the Port of BrusselsDooms, Michael; Macharis, Cathy; Verbeke, Alain
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 357