ERSA 2003 - 43rd Congress of the European Regional Science Association, Jyväskylä, 2003

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2003 Towards Developing a Travel Time Forecasting Model for Location-Based Services: a ReviewYou, Jinsoo; Kim, Tschangho John
2003 A Framework for Quality of Life Assessment of Urban Green Areas in Europe; An application to District Park Reudnitz Leipzigvan Leeuwen, Eveline; Rodenburg, Caroline; Vreeker, Ron
2003 Setting up proinnovative networks in SilesiaStachowicz, Jan; Walukiewicz, Stanisław
2003 Technology Acquisition among Asian Firms and Technology Clusters in the United StatesPoon, Jessie; MacPherson, Alan
2003 The Efficiency of Rural Infrastructure - Water Supply in Rural Areas of TransitionSauer, Johannes
2003 New technologies and skills requirements in the hospitality sector in Andalusia (Spain)Sánchez-Ollero, José Luis; Corró, Carlos Alberto
2003 A Comparison of Agricultural Productivity in the European Union RegionsAldaz, Natalia; Millán, Joaquín A.
2003 A model of car ownership and use incorporating quality choice and ownership of multiple carsRouwendal, Jan; Pommer, John
2003 The Shift of Techno-Economic Paradigm and Its Effects on Regional DisparitiesHarmaakorpi, Vesa; Haikonen, Arto; Kauranen, Ilkka
2003 Property taxation as incentive for cost control: Empirical evidence for utility services in NorwayBorge, Lars-Erik; Rattsø, Jørn
2003 Formula allocation: The regional allocation of budgetary funds for measures of active labour market policy in GermanyBlien, Uwe
2003 Beyond core-periphery relationship in the EC cooperationNepote, Daniela; Occelli, Sylvie
2003 Relocation of government activities as a regional policy measureYliskylä-Peuralahti, Johanna
2003 Regional strategies as generators of trust between regional actors Case: South KareliaKotonen, Ulla; Ahola, Jyrki
2003 Spatial autocorrelation in employment-output relationAhtonen, Sanna-Mari
2003 A framework for sustainable port planning in inland ports: a multistakeholder approachDooms, Michael; Macharis, Cathy
2003 Determination of Agents and Their Strategies in River Basin according to Game TheoryBasaran, Arzu
2003 Evaluation of the geographical scope of the Norwegian regional policyMønnesland, Jan; Lian, Jon Inge; Juvkam, Dag
2003 A propensity score matching method for the link between accessibility and productivityPetersen, Tom Kristian Alex
2003 Land Use Modification in an Urban SettingNarwold, Andrew
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 359