ERSA 2002 - 42nd Congress of the European Regional Science Association, Dortmund, 2002

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2002 The land market with multifunctional land use: how to deal with infrastructure?Rodenburg, Caroline; Vreeker, Ron
2002 The necessity of analysing cities in a comprehensive wayPol, Peter M.J.
2002 Beyond old economy - new economy dualism: Urban embeddedness of current innovation processesRathjen, Jan
2002 European integration and adjustment in border regions in accession countriesResmini, Laura
2002 Agglomeration economies and the location of new information and communication technology (ICT) firms in the NetherlandsAtzema, Oedzge; van Oort, Frank
2002 Entrepreneurship and regional development policiesMcQuaid, Ronald W.
2002 Effects of the internet on the spatial structure of innovation networksTödtling, Franz; Kaufmann, Alexander; Lehner, Patrick
2002 Integral assessment of urban conglomeration versus centre-periphery maglev rail systems under market imperfectionsOosterhaven, Jan; Romp, Ward E.; Elhorst, J. Paul
2002 Spatial projection of input-ouput tables for small areasAlvarez Herrero, Ruben; Garcia, Ana Salome; Ramos Carvajal, Carmen
2002 Tools for managing knowledge in SMEs and laggard regionsVázquez-Barquero, Antonio; Alfonso Gil, Javier
2002 Mobility and regional inequality in the European Union: Implications for economic policyEzcurra, Roberto; Gil, Carlos; Pascual, Padro; Rapun, Manuel
2002 Beyond the blue banana? Structural change in Europe's geo-economyHospers, Gert-Jan
2002 Modelling the fragmentation of open space. A framework for assessing the impact of land use change on open spaceKoomen, Eric; Groen, Jan; Borsboom, Judith; Scholten, Henk
2002 The development of a system of European regional purchasing power paritiesGardiner, Ben; Brettell, Saxon
2002 The European peripherality indexSchürmann, Carsten; Talaat, Ahmed
2002 The firm relocation decision: a logit modelBrouwer, Aleid; Mariotti, Ilaria; van Ommeren, Jos
2002 Optimal endowments of public investment: an empirical analysis for the Spanish regionsBajo-Rubio, Oscar; Diaz-Roldan, Carmen; Montavez-Garces, M. Dolores
2002 Relative investment specialisation inside EU: an econometric analysis for EU-regionsStirboeck, Claudia
2002 On the concept of territorial competitiveness: sound or misleading?Camagni, Roberto
2002 Economic effects analysis of public investment in road improvement works in Hokkaido. Simulation analysis based on a macro-econometric model of HokkaidoAbe, Hideaki; Ito, Tatsuhide; Kuroyanagi, Toshio; Katagiri, Hiroki; Akihiro, Izumi; Tadayuki, Wada
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 320