ERSA 2002 - 42nd Congress of the European Regional Science Association, Dortmund, 2002

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2002 A methodology for neural spatial interaction modellingFischer, Manfred M.; Reismann, Martin
2002 Disproportions in the investment sphere and spatial-economic imbalance in Russia: a political-economic analysisKashbrasiev, Rinas; Trofimov, Anatoly; Elizarov, Roman
2002 Macroeconometric evaluation of active labour market policies in Germany - a dynamic panel approach using regional dataHujer, Reinhard; Caliendo, Marco; Zeiss, Christopher; Blien, Uwe
2002 Targeted consultancy services as an instrument for the development of rural SMEs - a brazilian caseSchwartz, Dafna; Bar-El, Raphael
2002 Economic policy and unemployment in Russia's regionsBlinova, Tatiana; Rusanovsky, Victor
2002 Turbulence and productivity; an analysis of 40 Dutch regions in the period 1988-1996Bosma, Niels; Nieuwenhuijsen, Henry
2002 A new map of Hollywood and the worldScott, Allen J.
2002 Environmentally focused cooperation projects as a stimulus for the development of old industrialised regions. Case studies in eastern German regions in which small and medium-sized towns predominateLeimbrock, Holger; Lintz, Gerd
2002 Consumer's appreciation of regional image and the perceived quality of rural tourismDimara, Efthalia; Petrou, Anastasia; Skuras, Dimitris
2002 Location of the labour force in an interregional general equilibrium modelLarsen, Morten Marott
2002 Environmental assessment of certain plans and programmes as contribution to sustainable spatial developmentWeiland, Ulrike
2002 Internet, adjustment of firms and the spatial division of labourLaaser, Claus-Friedrich; Soltwedel, RĂ¼diger
2002 From geographical innovation clusters towards virtual innovation clusters: The innovation virtual systemPassiante, Giuseppina; Secundo, Giustina
2002 Land Use Scanner: the continuous cycle of application, evaluation and amelioration in landuse modellingBorsboom, Judith; de Regt, Wim; Schotten, Kees
2002 Regional embeddedness of information economy enterprises in GermanyMatuschewski, Anke
2002 The importance of socio-demographic indicators in regional disparities in turkey, 1990-1994Gedik, Ayse; Sahin, Nihan; Suer, Sibel
2002 Interaction of transport and land use: framework for an integrated urban modelBlijie, Hubertus Phillippus; de Bok, Michiel Adriaan
2002 New urban settlements in Belarus: some trends and changesPiterski, Dmitri; Ivlichev, Victor
2002 Spatial diffusion patterns of call-centers in the NetherlandsBruinsma, Frank; Rietveld, Piet; Beekman, Michiel
2002 Cross-sectoral effects of retailing firm demographiesDejardin, Marcus
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 320