ERSA 2000 - 40th Congress of the European Regional Science Association, Barcelona, 2000

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000 Making The Grade: A Critical Review Of State And City Ranking Surveys.Weinstein, Bernard; Clower, Terry
2000 Tourism And Environmentally Sustainable Regional Development: The Case Of RomaniaConstantin, Daniela Luminita
2000 Exchange Rate And Regional Divergences : The Swiss CaseCorpataux, José; Crevoisier, Olivier; Thierstein, Alain
2000 Evaluating Financial Effects Of Health Care Decentralization: Some Evidence For Spain.Urbanos Garrido, Rosa María; Utrilla de La Hoz, Alfonso
2000 Regional Labour Markets And Objective 1 Regions : Are Objective 1 Regions Less Flexible?Dhyne, Emmanuel; Vandeville, Victor
2000 Behavior Of The Turkish Urban System: Corporate HeadquartersDökmeci, Vedia; Turk, S. Sence
2000 Territorial Organisation And Economic And Social Cohesion In PortugalAmaro Alves, Rui Manuel
2000 Impacts Of 17th August Kocaeli Earthquake On The Development Of Rural SettlementsTezer, Azime; Yigiter, Reyhan
2000 Efficiency In The Provision Of Public And Private Capital In 17 Oecd CountriesBoscá, José Emilio; Cutanda, Antonio; Escribá, Javier
2000 Urban Systems In The Barcelona Province: A First Step For Estimating Local Economic ActivitySurinach, Jordi; Romaní, Javier; Royuela, Vicente; Reyes, Monica
2000 Forecasting Regional Employment With A Generalised Extrapolation MethodOberhofer, Walter; Blien, Uwe; Tassinopoulos, Alexandros
2000 Regional Development Agencies In PortugalSalvador, Regina; Juliao, Rui Pedro
2000 Role Of The Government In Promoting Development In The Weaker RegionsMalekovic, Sanja; Fröhlich, Zlatan; Polic, Mario
2000 EMU And Regional Disparities In SpainVillaverde, Jose
2000 Demographic Paths In Coming Decades In Catalonia: Growth, Age Structure And Labour ForceCapellades, Joaquim; Farré, Mireia
2000 Human Capital Investment, Income Levels And Economic Growth In Latin American CountriesElías, Silvina; Fernández, M. Del R.
2000 Convergence And Regional Mobility In The European UnionCuadrado-Roura, Juan R.; Garrido, Ruben; Mancha, Tomas
2000 The Territory At The Heart Of The Business Creation ProcessBertrand, Nathalie; Guerin, Marc; Vollet, Dominique; Moquay, Patrick
2000 Public Leaders In Regional Economic DevelopmentRaagmaa, Garri
2000 Interregional Trade Flows In Finland:Research Methods And Some Empirical Evidence.Haikonen, Arto
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 252