ERSA 1999 - 39th Congress of the European Regional Science Association, Dublin, 1999

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1999 Regional Image and the Promotion of Quality ProductsDimara, Efthalia; Skuras, Dimitris
1999 Off-farm labour decisions of Norwegian farm HouseholdsBjornsen, Hild-Marte
1999 Coherent regional planning for a Scottish Parliament: where is Scotland's Watford GapLloyd, Michael Gregory
1999 Will EMU increase regional disparities in Spain? A new empirical approachVillaverde, Jose; Sanchez-Robles, Blanca
1999 Differentiation of regions of Russia on gross regional product by expendituresGranberg, Alexander
1999 Interregional labour mobility through regional vacancy chains: a comparative international approachHeikkilä, Elli; Johansson, Mats; Persson, Lars Olof; Stambol, Lasse Sigbjorn
1999 International Environmental Issue Between India and Bangladesh: Environmental and Socio-economic Effects on the Teesta River AreaFakrul, Islam Md; Higano, Yoshiro
1999 Regional consequences of privatisationOsterberg, Richard
1999 European Perspectives on Borderlands StudiesBlatter, Joachim; Clement, Norris
1999 Different approaches to measure regional industrial production: The Spanish caseClar, Miquel; Ramos, Raul; Surinach, Jordi
1999 Estimating Interregional Trade Flows in Finland 1996Kauppila, Jari
1999 Restrictions imposed by the European Monetary Union in the use of public debt in order to finance the subcentral levels of government. The Spanish CaseAparicio, Antonio; Alvarez, Santiago
1999 The Impact of Austria's FDI in Central and Eastern Europe on Domestic EmploymentAltzinger, Wilfried
1999 The Transformation of Regional Development Agencies through Partnership: From Model Delivery to Catalytic Converter?Cameron, Greta; Danson, Mike W.
1999 Industrial Specialisation in very sparsely populated RegionsNiiranen, Kimmo
1999 Local partnerships in local governance: the subregional dimension of devolutionMcCafferty, Des
1999 Productivity Convergence in Eight Sectors in Eight U.S. Midwestern StatesMagura, Michael
1999 The Analysis of City System in Turkey on the Scale Country-Region and CityUnutmaz, Hakan
1999 Why do old industrial regions decline? An exploration of potential adjustment strategiesBoschma, Ron; Lambooy, Jan
1999 Methodological approach to the quality of the regional productive structure. The case of AndalusiaGuzman Cuevas, Joaquin; Linan Alcalde, F.; Romero Luna, I.; Santo Cumplido, F.J.
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 249