ERSA 1998 - 38th Congress of the European Regional Science Association, Vienna, 1998

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1998 Promoters of the innovative character of a region: The role of university and enterprises in the Basque countryGarcia, Begoña; Jubeto, Yolanda
1998 Economic growth and employment: Regional disparities in the EUFrias, Isidro; Vazquez, M. Emilia; Iglesias, Ana
1998 Cross border cooperation in low population density regionsMønnesland, Jan
1998 Spatial analysis of air passengers with respect to population and employmentDokmeci, Vedia; Cakir, Irmak Betul
1998 An analysis of two regional versions of a social accounting matrix in Spain: Catalunya vs. AndalusiaCardenete, Manuel Alejandro; Congregado, Emilio; Pomares, Ignacio
1998 Russian regions in the transformed economic spaceLipets, Yuli G.
1998 Governance and Institutional Innovation: The need for strategic managementMcDonagh, Perpetua; Commins, Patrick; Leavy, Anthony
1998 Urban policy - helping people or helping places? New evidence from London on social exclusion and the spatial articulation of the distribution of incomeCheshire, Paul C.
1998 Modelling project feasibility robustness by use of scenariosRehfeld, Claus; Leleur, Steen
1998 Organizational Concepts for Intensified Regional Cooperation in the Vienna RegionMachat, Renate
1998 Universities and knowledge intensive business services as actors of the creative regional technological infrastructure: The case of the Upper-Rhine ValleyHeraud, Jean-Alain; Muller, Emmanuel
1998 Knowledge-intensive business services as an element of learning regions - the case of Baden-WurttembergStrambach, Simone
1998 Convergence of European financial system: Single financial space?Murinde, Victor; Mullineux, Andy; Agung, Juda
1998 An assessment of the farm improvement programme (Reg. 797/85) in the West of IrelandLeavy, Anthony; Commins, Patrick; McDonagh, Perpetua
1998 Spatial economic aspects of the environment and environmental policy: New directions for researchGerking, Shelby
1998 Outsourcing of services and regional impact on employmentSjoholt, Peter
1998 Water quality as a limiting factor: Concepts and applications for the Mid-Ebro valleyBielsa, Jorge; Sanchez-Choliz, Julio
1998 GIS and regional development: Examples of applicationsJuliao, Rui Pedro
1998 Restructuring economy in transition: The case of CroatiaKopal, Marija; Afric, Kristina
1998 A Bayesian approach to analyze regional elasticitiesGregori, Tullio
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 285