ERSA 1998 - 38th Congress of the European Regional Science Association, Vienna, 1998

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1998 An extension of the block spacial path approach to analysis of the influence of intra and interregional trade on multiplier effects in general interregional input-output modelsCooper, Russel
1998 Knowledge-intensive business services as an element of learning regions - the case of Baden-WurttembergStrambach, Simone
1998 Regional Economic growth and accessibility: The case of the NetherlandsHeijman, Willem Johannes Maria; Van der Heide, Cornelis Martijn; Florax, Raymond J.G.M.; Loman, Marc E.
1998 Winners and loosers in the European Monetary Union: A neural network analysis of spatial industrial shiftsNijkamp, Peter; Wang, Shunii
1998 Evaluation of the effects of European regional policy in the diminution of regional disparitiesGuisan, M. Carmen; Cancelo, M. Teresa; Diaz-Vazquez, M. Rosario
1998 Foreign Direct Investment and Unequal Regional Economic Growth in ChinaZhang, Jie; Kristensen, Gustav
1998 Commodity tax competition and harmonization taking account cross-border shoppingOhsawa, Yoshiaki
1998 Shortages of innovation support organisations in the Basque countryOzerin, Leire; Velasco, Eva
1998 Technological incubators as creators of high-tech firms in IsraelShefer, Daniel; Modena, Vittorio
1998 Economic growth and employment: Regional disparities in the EUFrias, Isidro; Vazquez, M. Emilia; Iglesias, Ana
1998 An assessment of the farm improvement programme (Reg. 797/85) in the West of IrelandLeavy, Anthony; Commins, Patrick; McDonagh, Perpetua
1998 New forms of regional industrial policy in Europe: How do policy makers understand 'competitiveness' and 'clusters'?Lagendijk, Arnoud
1998 Regional differentiation in the Russian federation: A cluster-based typificationSteiner, Michael; Boikov, Vladimir; Frolov, Boris; Hiss, Franz
1998 Evolutionary algorithms: Overview and applications to European transportReggiani, Aura; Nijkamp, Peter; Sabella, Enrico
1998 Convergence of European financial system: Single financial space?Murinde, Victor; Mullineux, Andy; Agung, Juda
1998 Risky neighborhoods? House appreciation in underserved areasQuercia, Roberto G.; Can, Ayse; McCarthy, George W.
1998 Urban industrial relocation: The theory of edge citiesMedda, Francesca; Nijkamp, Peter; Rietveld, Piet
1998 Employment policies: A methodology approach to the identification of employment opportunitiesPalma-Martos, Luis; Martin-Navarro, Jose Luis
1998 Spatial patterns in intermunicipal Danish commutingLauridsen, Jorgen; Nahrstedt, Birgit
1998 The impact of labour market deregulation: lessons from the "Kiwi" and "Polder" modelsGorter, Cees; Poot, Jacques
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 285