ERSA 1998 - 38th Congress of the European Regional Science Association, Vienna, 1998

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1998 On the regional dimensions of Rostow's theory of growthParr, John
1998 Occupational structure and local dynamics: A test of convergence among Italian provincesPompili, Tomaso
1998 Energy policies in spatial systems: A spatial price equilibrium approach with heterogeneous regions and endogenous technologiesVerhoef, Erik Teodoor; Nijkamp, Peter
1998 The determinants of regional growth: An empirical analysisMagrini, Stefano
1998 Innovation potentials and innovative networks in European metropolitan regions: Some empirical evidence from the Metropolitan Area of BarcelonaDiez, Javier Revilla; Escorsa, Pere; Camacho, Jaime Alberto
1998 Towards a new hinterland orientation for the port of Rotterdam: the entrepreneurial portKlink, Arjen Van; van Winden, Willem
1998 Social-economical situational conceptTrofimov, Anatoly; Kashbrasiev, Rinas; Piyanova, Olga
1998 The Internet, industrial location, and geographic marketsTraxler, Johannes
1998 Stochastic user equilibrium assignment with traffic-responsive signal controlMeneguzzer, Claudio
1998 Is dualism still a source of convergence in Europe?Paci, Raffaele; Pigliaru, Francesco
1998 Evaluation of the effects of European regional policy in the diminution of regional disparitiesGuisan, M. Carmen; Cancelo, M. Teresa; Diaz-Vazquez, M. Rosario
1998 Interfirm co-operation and learning within SME networks - two cases from the Styrian Automotive clusterSteiner, Michael; Hartmann, Christian
1998 Telecommunications infrastructures and policies as factors in regional competitive advantage and disadvantageNewlands, David; Ward, Melanie
1998 Shortages of innovation support organisations in the Basque countryOzerin, Leire; Velasco, Eva
1998 The growth and development of metropolitan planning strategies in IstanbulYuzer, Sebnem; Kucuk, Salim
1998 Regional collective learning processes, innovation and growth of high technology SMEs: The case of the Cambridge regionKeeble, David; Lawson, Clive; Moore, Barry; Wilkinson, Frank
1998 Building bridges: How to cope with the gap between today and tomorrowMinx, Eckhard
1998 Elements for an economic assessment of intermediate territorial levels of government in European countriesRoig-Alonso, Miguel
1998 The impact of the new airport of Athens on the land values of Eastern AtticaSidiropoulos, E.
1998 Spatial behaviour of the new forms of distribution: An analysis of the metropolitan areas of Barcelona and MadridInsa-Ciriza, Raquel
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 287