ERSA 1998 - 38th Congress of the European Regional Science Association, Vienna, 1998

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1998Regional sustainable development and the information society in EuropeRosch, Andreas; Grossmann, Wolf-Dieter
1998Grow, neighbour grow, grow... Neighbour be good!Lopez-Bazo, Enrique; Vaya, Esther; Moreno, Rosina
1998Spatial economic aspects of the environment and environmental policy: New directions for researchGerking, Shelby
1998Analysis of hospital service areas in IstanbulDokmeci, Vedia; Sadi, M. Aykut
1998Determinants affecting privatisation of local government services in BritainChoi, Young-Chool; Choi, Oe-Chool
1998The EMU and the Spanish term structure of interest ratesPayeras, Margarita
1998The innovativeness of rural Europe: A contribution to the concept of innovationFarrell, Gilda; Lukesch, Robert
1998Restructuring of industrial economies in countries in transition: Experience of UkraineDegtyareva, Valentina; Savsunenko, Oleg
1998Multiplicative and additive methods for the decomposition of the migration rates to/from Tokyo ma., 1985-90Gedik, Ayse
1998Urban industrial relocation: The theory of edge citiesMedda, Francesca; Nijkamp, Peter; Rietveld, Piet
1998Identifying, measuring and management risks in Russian secondary stock marketsLapsina, Elena; Thor, Eric; Melnikov, Roman
1998Information-processing, technological progress and regional retail networks dynamicsCukrowski, Jacek
1998Stochastic user equilibrium assignment with traffic-responsive signal controlMeneguzzer, Claudio
1998The location of high order services in IstanbulBerkoz, Lale
1998Structural change in regional economies: A varying coefficients econometric modeling approachRamajo, Julian; Marquez, Miguel A.
1998Transport investment and local and regional development: Perspectives on the emerging motorway system in PolandJudge, Eamonn
1998Building bridges: How to cope with the gap between today and tomorrowMinx, Eckhard
1998Services and the new economic landscapeBeyers, William B.; Lindahl, David P.
1998Risky neighborhoods? House appreciation in underserved areasQuercia, Roberto G.; Can, Ayse; McCarthy, George W.
1998Spatial analysis of air passengers with respect to population and employmentDokmeci, Vedia; Cakir, Irmak Betul
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 285