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Vlad, Mihaela Cristina
Berevoianu, Rozi Liliana
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[Title:] Agrarian Economy and Rural Development - Realities and Perspectives for Romania. 5th Edition of the International Symposium, November 2014, Bucharest [Pages:] 152-155
There are sectors of agriculture, manufacturing processes where conventional power is indispensable, although it may be more savings and better managed. Agricultural production consumes large amounts of conventional energy, especially oil to the normal process flow results more or less efficient in terms of yield per hectare. Renewable energy sources must be considered in the context of climatic resources of a country, bioconversion processes, the phenomenon of photosynthesis in the plant world, which have sometimes unimaginable opportunities for agriculture to provide various forms of energy available. Agro energy new field of study and research is closely linked to climate resources, primarily those from the sun, as totally free.
agricultural production
energy balance
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Conference Paper

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